bounce on canopy

bounce on canopy

Gl everyone


Got one. Yay!

@moles1138 did you get one?

Got it! Now I just need a squatty potty and I’ll have won the day. :laughing:

Got one




Got one!

FINALLY! It’s been like 6 months or something…the drought is now over. Thanks Woot!, I can’t wait to be disappointed.

GOT ONE, finally, have been in the waiting room about 10x today. My kids will be so excited. My last one was in 2013…

Woo-hoo! Got one!

We did it kids!

Got one! Thank you, snow day. :snowflake:

6 month drought, looking forward to the disappointment.

This is the second BOC it wouldn’t let me buy. I clicked at 99% left and the place order button would not work on the app after I added to my cart. It kept selecting it as text. Such bs!!!


Finally got one. Picked up the clue from previous items.

@ThunderThighs now I don’t want to state the obvious although our daughter SHE’S ONLY 9 MONTHS SO SIZE 4 DIAPERS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED anything else would be icing on the disappointment.

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