Bounty Hunter Snooper II Metal Detector

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Bounty Hunter Snooper II Metal Detector
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Comments/Discussion from a previous offer

If you’re trying to get into Metal Detecting go look instead for a Garrett Ace 150 or an Ace 250.

However if you want the best go with Minelab.

just to try metal detecting, a machine like this bounty hunter isn’t bad. the new minelab go find series is also affordable entry level.
I enjoy the simple “beep and dig” experience that the Tesoro compadre’ provides.

Reasons why?

Why, because if it’s the most expensive, it has to be the best…

You get what you pay for…

You own the most expensive equipment, you are obviously better than those who can’t afford it…

Yeah, Garret has the best customer service on the planet, every customer they have can give you a raving review, including me. I just believe a good company, and a quality product, isn’t known for legendary customer service. The products they make, work as expected, and last a long time. For the cost of shipping to Garrett, they will eventually send you a product you will be happy with…

Most any metal detector will do the job, and find metal in the ground. Finding valuables, it’s more luck, location, and experience, than the actual equipment. Sure, some will detect deeper, but they are very expensive, $1,000+. Lot’s of features, to help you avoid digging trash (bottle caps, pull tabs). The truth is, that none of them can actually test metal content, and the characteristics the use for identification, are very similar, for all conductive materials. You never really know, until you dig it up, and hold it in your hand.

An inexpensive unit, is a good place to start, gives you a chance at experiencing the hobby, and deciding if it’s something you are comfortable doing, and willing to spend more, type of hunting you are most interested in.

For most places, and most people, 8 inches of depth, is more than enough. Not a lot of work digging a neat plug (always replace, fill your holes).

Some people are never satisfied with their machine, and will always jump on the newest, most expensive, hoping it will help them find just the good stuff, and never dig any junk. At some point, most people realize, it’s not the machine…

Bounty Hunter, Fisher and Teknetics are all the same company, First Texas Products.
There are Bounty Hunters that compare to or better some Fishers and Garretts.
I’ve owned a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV for two years and recently purchased a Garrett pin pointer.
I’ve been considering a BH Land Ranger Pro over a Fisher or a Garrett of comparable price ranges.

Garrett Ace 150 and 250 are known to be the best entry level detectors due to the features they offer for the price and ease of use.

Minelab has the best technology out of all of them, however they do have a steep learning curve with the more expensive models like the Explorer series. I own an Explorer II and it took a bit longer to learn, but it’s a great machine.