Bounty Hunter Snooper II Metal Detector

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Bounty Hunter Snooper II Metal Detector
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Want to get into metal detecting as a hobby? Check out and for the basics.

I bought this at the first sale. Here’s some quick pointers that I can remember (so don’t quote me on anything).

  1. This is a great beginner’s metal detector. It’s cheap but works well. It has virtually NO features so if you find you like the hobby, upgrade
  2. The search coil is waterproof, just keep the control panel area dry.
  3. It takes a pair of 9-volt batteries. I bought rechargeable ones and they fit and work fine.
  4. The search coil only works when it’s moving, so you have to constantly sweep the ground. More expensive models don’t have this limitation.
  5. Know the laws before you search. Many parks don’t let you detect. Fines and confiscation and stuff.
  6. Don’t be a jerk. If you detect and dig, refill the holes. If you find trash, put it in a bag and throw it away properly.
  7. Learn the basics and how to use your detector before upgrading to fancier ones.
  8. Use the headphone jack. You’ll hear the tones better when outside with headphones.

Have fun!

Soo what have you found? Where are you searching?

I just retired. I think I am required to buy one of these and spend my days at the beach.

Since you asked.
Found with a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV


Did this get cheaper as the day went on???

Mmmmyes, it sure did. :slight_smile: