Bourassa Vineyards Synergy Napa Cabernet Sauvignon - 4 Pack

Bourassa Vineyards Synergy Napa Cabernet Sauvignon - 4 Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 4 2006 Bourassa Vineyards Synergy Cabernet Sauvignon
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Summer shipping has begun.

Barossa/Bourassa. Nice clue WD.

$7.00 shipping?

Is this temperature controlled?


Aye, SOP, getting warm.

Damn. This may be difficult to resist. Napa Cab from '06, while not a great year, at 15/bottle. Now all those complainers about people who only spend 10/bottle here can shut the hell up. This looks to be the kind of offer that could subscribe a bunch of people to certain mailing lists if the wine shows true. Glad to have it here. Actually, I think I’m in, money even as tight as it is. I want to give this a shot, so in for one.

Name in lights too:


Sorry, I’m late to the party. Is there anywhere I can find complete details of the new shipping policy?

Looks like the 2005 is $60 through the Bourassa website.

Little ice packets for local-ish deliveries and temperature controlled trucks if it’s going cross country. Well worth the extra $2.

Ah, so I was on the right track, just thinking of states, not regions! And I thought that Michael HAD to be right. They had these guys with their Cab Franc on winespies last week. (for twice the price) Interview with the winemaker here

Shipping info from way back explaining the $7

This wine was NOT listed on their website. I believe the wine you are refering to is the Symphony Cab which is not this one.


I’m in Ohio…this seals the deal…or does it?

Is the wine maker for this Gary Galleron?



Yes he is I should have read the description! He is a fine winemaker.

I am a big cali cab fan and enjoy most from NV, 2k6 wasn’t the most exciting year but still want in. The problem is I am having issue with finding a review on this. Do I go in for 1? 3? HAS ANYONE HAD THIS!?

I appreciate the price point, certainly - but I’m not that thrilled by the discount. Four bottles at $15 a pop is $3 above the only other listed price I can find for the wine (from Avid Wines). Anyone have a better sense of what the discount here is?

That’s likely a premium blend the Symphony3 one you spotted there. This looks like a wine.woot release from the lower end of their range. I suspect RRP is about $25 like the 06 Zinfandel, or $30 like the 05 Merlot Reserve.

Wait for the rats or until it starts bouncing?