Bovine Oarfish Creature

Bovine Oarfish Creature

Got it!

vop :frowning:

excited celebration GIF

Dadgum!! This is getting harder all the time. Got it though. :wink: I sure do hope it does not stink like a dead oarfish.

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Geez, how do these work anymore? It was only 10% left when even the forum item appeared.

This time amazon stayed logged in! Amazing!

Got eeem! That stayed up for longer than I expected wooooot


Stupid meeting

Jiminy Christmas, I didn’t even get to see it!

Fast fingers on the app and constant refresh.

WOOHOO!!! I knew my disappointment would be immeasurable! After VOP all day I finally snagged this one! I cannot wait to share it with you all! Yay!!!

Oh and I was in the VOP for exactly 4 minutes before I was invited to purchase! I’m just so excited!!! I mean disappointed!

How in the world are people getting these?! I’m losing my mind.

How do people get these, always get this turning wheel

So whats the deal with refreshing the page and getting it to load the current item? takes literally 3-4 minutes for the new item to appear on the page and if it is crap, of course sold out

It shows up on the main page of the app first for me this time. It seems to change from Woot off to Woot off.

I never get invited to the meetings. :frowning:

They seem fun.

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I dont know anymore - the page wont refresh the new item on my laptop for minutes after rollover and by then sold out

You would be incorrect, at least to most of my meetings.

Desktop? That’s caching. Also desktop just loads slower.

I think it’s CTRL-F5 that does a full refresh of the page.

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