Bovine Oarfish Creature

That’s how many we had so far. Doing the same number of BOCs but across fewer sales this time for a change of pace.

Does that mean there is a BOC with high quantity still coming up? :pray:

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Quantities have been slowly increasing throughout the day. :smiley:

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I like the sound of that!!!

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Scored finally after trying all day

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Have you been waiting in the VOP this entire time for this one :dizzy_face: :wink:

I just got the last BOC! I believe you about increasing quantities throughout the day :grin: :+1:

Ugh, I was actually in payment screen but it switched to sold out! Closest I’ve ever been

No. I went straight through time I clicked on it. I just didn’t post until later because I have an 8 month old child to tend to

Congrats on the BOC and the child!

Thank you!!

I got my Bovine Oarfish Creature today!

From bottom going clockwise:

Back support brace
Ream of HP printer paper
Reynolds aluminum foil
Earbuds / charger cable splitter for iPhone
Metal hinged tin (for pencils?)
Anker 24W car charger adapter
Baby newspaper (cloth toy that has crinkle sounds, like cat toys)
Air pump for bicycles
US presidents and states flash cards
Camping light
Plastic dinosaur… which I set near my cat’s litter box to freak her out, but she was onto me the whole time watching me set it up.

Oh, and of course the Woot! tote bag.




Obviously, the Anker car charger adapter is the most valuable thing… now I just need a car and drivers license to go with it. The printer paper and flash cards are good things. The camping light is going into my earthquake emergency ‘go bag’. All in all, not the worst BOC, my third.