Bowers & Wilkins P3 Hi-Fi Headphones

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“The Bowers & Wilkins P3 headphones’ impressive combination of design, sound quality, and features put it near the top of the class for portable headphones in its price range.”

At first glance at the photo, my initial thought was high-tech combination spatula spoons. But no, only headphones.

Yup, thought they were designer spatulas. Was gonna call Sponge Bob.

And now, as a nod to our anglophile (and audiophile) friends, for something completely different. A few reviews at

I think I’d rather pay list for a Grado SR-80e.

Wow… these are really ugly…

I bought these new about a month ago, and I’m pretty happy with them. Pricey at $200 retail, but decent sound (disclaimer: I’m not an audiophile), and while they may seem flimsy, they’re actually quite sturdy. They have great portability, as they fold to a smaller size and come with a solid case. I used them on an airplane and was pleasantly surprised at the clarity, despite sitting near an engine. Lastly, I was looking for earpiece material that allowed my skin to breathe, and these fit the bill well. Perfect for listening at the office. Cons: two wires, one for each ear… It feels a bit outdated. The earpiece material is a little scratchy & gives me the “nails-on-chalkboard” feeling for half a second. I compared to the bulkier P2s, and while the sound was inferior, the P3s’ sound was good enough, in conjunction with the portability, style, and discount ($100 cheaper) to sway me. 3.5/5 overall, and a 4+/5 at this price.

+1 on Grado

I own a pair of P5 headphones from B&W that I absolutely love. I may buy a pair of these as a more affordable back-up!