Bowflex BodyTower

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Bowflex BodyTower
Price: $189.99
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I got this a few years ago and really like it. It is very sturdy… never felt like it was going to tip or anything. The dip bars move up and down real easily.

The one critique I would have is that it is not as tall as it should be (I think). Doing pull-ups on the pull up bar requires you to curl your legs under you for full range of motion. Not a biggie but if you are a pull up purist, it may bother you.

Anyway … I am very pleased with my purchase and continue to use it to this day (P90X routines, etc.)

I wish I had the space in my basement for this, but I already have a heavy bag, elliptical and bike. :frowning:

In addition to the height, is the width and shape of the pull-up bar. I’m 6ft tall (male) and the width of the bar is about 6" too short for me to do a good wide grip pull-up. Then the V shape in the middle only allows for reverse grip on narrow width pull-ups. I got rid of mine just for this reason.
It is an otherwise well built piece of equipment.

The important thing - how many pairs of pants can hang full length from the top bar?