Bowflex BodyTower

**Item: **Bowflex BodyTower
Price: $199.99
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Condition: New

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6/24/2013 - $199.99 - 33 comment(s)

Very good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Lot’s of additional info over at

True confession: many many many years ago I ordered the bow flex info just to get the videotape with all the gorgeous Adonis athletes working out.

There. I feel better.

This would be perfect for doing a He-Man impression…



Uh… That ain’t no overview of this here tower thing.

Some good reviews from the People At Walmart - Giving it 4+ stars

More good reviews at Wayfair and Fitness Equipment Express

Efficient design allows you many places to hang laundry.

I got this I think it was a month ago. I like it, very solid, the adjustable bar is nice, lets u do alot of different exercise. It is a little on the short side and the arm hangs for ab workouts sucks, no padding at all.

Are those… stirrups?

I wonder if you can Kip pullups on this?

Oh, you did it!!! I was hoping once, just once, a piece of exercise equipment could be sold for 24 hours without this standand, tired joke.

ya i bought this a way back when it was up for sale same price and all, but when they ship it, it didn’t come with bolt and nut to put it together. Now it’s still laying on my floor doing nothing.

Indeed. My last home gym took up way too much space even though it had lots of hanger space.

Who’s joking?

I got this last time they ran it. I love it!

Missed this the last time 'round. Trigger pulled.