Bowled Over

We’re going BOWL-ing! These bowls look pretty swanky, how well do they hold up over time?

Why can’t I EVER EVER EVER get orange ones?!

Did you happen to purchase the orange trays during the Woot off?

…And by “orange” I assume you are looking for Pumpkin and not the Mandarin. There are Mandarin bowls available. However, I would like some Pumpkin as well, since I bought some Pumpkin trays during the Woot off.

In the absence of Pumpkin, I am buying some Snow and Slate. Those will both still go well with my decor.

Are these bowls microwave safe?

Bummed because woot wont ship these uber-lightweight bowls to Alaska. :frowning:

What will Woot ship to Alaska other than flying monkeys and t-shirts? So far those are the only 2 items I’ve been allowed to purchase. I’ve tried to buy stuff everyday and find out at the checkout I can’t. I was so happy when I found out Woot included Alaska and Hawaii but now not so much. I get taunted by their daily ads via email and get excited to buy the items only to find out they’re just messing with my head. I wish they would post on the ad when it’s not available for Alaska and Hawaii. It’s not really worth my time visiting the Woot website if 99 % of the items aren’t available for me to purchase.

There are actually quite a few items that do ship to AK & HI. I’ve emailed to find out if we’re going to add a visual cue for those items that do ship there.

Could you also please leave feedback via the beta feedback button at the top right? Every bit of feedback sent there is read.

Bamboo is hollow, correct? So how are bowls made from it and not just tubes? Is there a “How It’s Made” episode that reveals this great mystery to me?

We use ours regularly for dinner salads. They are hand washed and air dried. We’ve had them for 2 months and they still look/feel great.