Box Brew Kits Fathers Day Bundle

Why not spend half that and get a five gallon starter kit?

Good idea to go 5 gallons if you have the space for buckets and everything. I can understand this kit’s place though in an apartment or something. Definitely nicer looking and takes up way less space.

Exactly… At this price point to brew 1.5 gallons​:-1::-1: You cannot ferment 1 gallon of beer in a 1 gallon jug, you need head space for krausen as beer ferments… watch the video, it shows wort being filled almost to the top of jug and then yeast added, never shows actual beer fermentation, why because I’m sure the airlock blew off and made a mess. Space issue, look at the size of that scrap wood bottle holder, why isn’t the dememtions called out?? 5 beer gallon kit with a 6.5 glass carboy or bucket will take up less space… support your local home brew supply and get started with fresh ingredients and knowledge about brewing and recipes there…

No doubt it’s a high-end kit and a little over the top, but you can’t compare the price of this to another kit just based on the volume of beer it makes. Obviously folks here know you can make much more beer for less $$, so it’s kind of useless to make that point repeatedly. The point is that it’s a nicely put-together package for someone who has money to spend and wants something to brew small batches with occasionally, and look glittery on their countertop when they’re not using it. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I think it’s a pretty cool setup