Box Brew Kits Quartermaster Kit Bundle

Before pulling the trigger on this one go to your local homebrewing store (If you have one) to see what they have to offer because changes are you can get a much better value / equipment there.

Source:I am a homebrewer

I second this. This is an incredibly expensive kit. I got a full kit to make 5 gallons of beer for less than half the cost of this at my local homebrew shop. If you don’t have a local homebrew shop, shop around online, you’ll find a much better deal.

No doubt it’s a high-end kit and a little over the top, but you can’t compare the price of this to another kit just based on the volume of beer it makes, so the previous comments are a bit disingenuous. Obviously folks here know you can make much more beer for less $$, so it’s kind of useless to make that point repeatedly. The point is that it’s a nicely put-together package for someone who has money to spend and wants something to brew small batches with occasionally, and look glittery on their countertop when they’re not using it. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I think it’s a pretty cool setup