Box Brew Kits Small Batch Home-Brew Kit

Box Brew Kits Quartermaster 1-Gallon Home Brew Kit & All American Amber Ale Recipe Pack Combo
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you could buy an entry level beer kit and be producing over 5 gallons of beer at a time with products from Straight from a homebrewers mind, no endorsements.

Over priced is an understatement. Between the hardware store and a lab supply co. I built my brewing setup for a fraction of this price. Also the ingredients can be purchased online for much much less.

You are mostly paying for a nice looking box that you’ll have trouble figuring out where to set it. Brewing beer at home is awesome, but this isn’t a great way to start. You can get similar, 1 gallon kits elsewhere cheaper (minus the wooden box), or a 5 gallon kit for about this price.

As someone who has been brewing for ten years I have to echo the comments above. This has some stuff you will want/need, but you are really paying far too much to have this wooden box included. Do a little research and you can be brewing 5 gallon batches for about a $100 investment of equipment. As for ingredients, they can be found many places including Austin Homebrew (personal preference - they sell the equipment too).

Disclaimer (if needed?): I am in no way associated with any stores or manufacturers.

Same as everyone else, this isn’t anywhere close to being a good deal. My first brew starter kit had a 5 gallon carboy along with everything else you needed for a 5 gallon batch. I think I paid around $139 at a local homebrew supply store.

To be fair, I’d guess this is for people who have limited amounts of space for a traditional homebrewing setup but 1 gallon is going to disappear pretty fast, even faster if you sample the beer during its later stages.

I think you are all kind of missing the point. This (IMO) is obviously meant to be a gift, and while overpriced, it’s going to be a lot nicer opening this Christmas morning than a box full of spare parts from a hardware store.

Or any supply store. Ballast back in San Diego was like $125 for the 6 Gallon starter kit and they literally give you the recipe for Sculpin or whatever beer they had. That may change now they’re bought out, but still.

I agree with istari - no doubt it’s a high-end kit and a little over the top, but you can’t compare the price of this to another kit just based on the volume of beer it makes. Obviously folks here know you can make much more beer for less $$, so it’s kind of useless to make that point repeatedly. The point is that it’s a nicely put-together package for someone who has money to spend and wants something to brew small batches with occasionally, and look glittery on their countertop when they’re not using it.

I disagree that this isn’t a good way to get into brewing - I think it’s a great starter kit. Certainly an easier sell to keep this rig around than something that she thinks looks like a mobile meth lab. Sure it ain’t cheap, but let’s be honest, who the hell brews their own beer to save money? If that’s why you brew, you’re doing it wrong.

This thing is more a gimmick than a legitimate starter brewing kit.