Box of 15 Marian Heath Christmas Cards - Random 5 Pack

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to the manufacturer’s websitewe go. There’s not a ton of info there, but it will tell you about the company. Click the Portal link on the left for some more info.

I think this will go well with previous Woots… er, I mean, Christmas presents.

the website for marian heath.

why not?

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Nice prep for Christmas. Thanks for keeping me on the ball Woot!

Good plan. With Smartpost shipping, these will arrive right before Thanksgiving.

Yeah for recycled paper!

No Hanukkah cards? :frowning:

It is not even Halloween yet. Come on Woot!

I don’t get it. 15 cards and 16 envelopes?

Christmas already? It is not even Halloween yet.

Although this does seem like a great deal, I’m not sure I want to suddenly turn into the kind of guy who sends Christmas cards…

Longest description ever… Give whoever wrote that a raise!

If they were generic “holiday” cards this would be a great woot. Still is if these are going to work for you this holiday season. I say they sell out!

an interview with one of their artists

Guess WOOT didnt get the memo…no one sends Christmas cards anymore

The 16th envelope is so you can send some random crap in to woot so they have more stuff to give out!

I know way more than 75 people, sure. But there’s no way that more than 18 of them deserve Christmas cards… I mean ‘holiday’ cards.

never made a mistake?