Box of Chalk, 1 Pack of 126


Box of Chalk, 1 Pack of 126


My first thought was to buy 10 cases to give to a school in need. It’s winter though and for only a drop in $4, I could get a better deal by just being patient.

I’m all about giving to the kids, but I am still frugal about it. I can spread more joy around by being so.

If woot wants to make a deal, for the kids, contact me. You have my email.

@ $12 I’ll buy 20 boxes- we split the schools (2) my daughters a teacher, teaching 2nd graders in an inner city school
@ $9 I’ll buy 40 boxes- you can pick 3 schools
@ $7 I’ll buy 100 boxes and you can pick 5 schools, wooters get to vote on 4 schools and 1 still goes to my daughters school


Excellent challenge, Woody1. Hopefully the folks at Woot will see the merit in your proposal and pricing.


I was thinking the same kind of thing. I am always looking for good deals to I can get more bang for my buck when it comes to giving.


Dang. I wish I had your sidewalk chalk budget.

I was debating buying 1 box for the kids our our street (which should last a month or two), but couldn’t pull the trigger at this price.

Here’s my challenge:
@ $12 I’ll buy 1 box
@ $6 I’ll buy 2 boxes
@ $3 I’ll buy 4 boxes

You have my email address, woot. Or PM me a coupon code and let’s make a deal.