Boxee Box HD Media Player by D-Link



I bought one of these retail a while back. A bit short on updates, but still the best media player I’ve used. The interface is really slick and it pulls files from my NAS with no issues.


Newegg has some mixed reviews, 180 dollars over there


The fact that HDHomeRun support was killed off by the Boxee staff makes this deal a dud in my book.

I bought the HDHomeRun Prime specifically so I could cut my all rental boxes off, but I guess I’m stuck with building my own DVR box rather than just getting this since Boxee would rather force people to use their own Live TV dongle rather than use other products.

Oh well.


Why didn’t you read the whole post? At the end, it says HDHomerun protocols were restored allowing users to stream this content again.


I don’t see any reference to HULU plus. does it stream HULU as well as netflix?


is boxee no longer a cross-platform freeware? i can’t find links to download it for different oses


Sadly, no. Boxee has been saying that they would add this feature for at least 8 months now, but there’s been no indication of when a Hulu app may finally appear.

I’ve owned a Boxee Box since this last December.


Yes. They stopped releasing windows/linux/mac versions a while back. They are aiming to be solely a set-top device.

Terrible decision.


They discontinued the availability of Boxee for PC and other OS’s. You can still find the installs for older versions of the PC edition though, however certain things like Netflix support no longer function.


It is NOT available on their site as of January 2012. You can find the old software here:


I was an early adopter of Boxee, preordered it when it was $200 - best deal I ever got, saving me $100 a month on cable.

Set up sickbeard to snag your shows, send them automatically to sabnzbd to download and process, and Boxee scrapes my directories hourly for new content.


JUST bought this on amazon a day ago for $129.99. So bummed i missed out on this deal.

As for the product itself, we’ve had a boxee for a little over a year. Absolutely love it.

Does it’ have it’s quirks? Yes (annoying netflix/youtube interfaces most of all) But as far as a functioning media player for your on computer content it can’t be beat.


can this play 720p x264 encoded videos in MKV containers from an iMac on an HDTV? Can’t get my xbox to do this no matter what software I try.


hey woot the link you provided to compare boxeebox is broken

this is what it said:
HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found
The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Here is a link that works to the D-link Boxee website.


If I bought one I would have to straighten the damn thing out… I just couldn’t put up with it being crooked but if I made a base to straighten it the plugs would be crooked.
Hmmm, best to just avoid.


I bought a Boxee as a refurb a few months ago. Most abused looking refurb I’ve ever seen. Half the keys on the remote were worn off, and the unit itself looked like it had been dragged behind a truck. I could not believe this was considered a refurb.

I sincerely hope Woot has a better source.

Based on the changes in Boxee in the last year I’d say they’re a company struggling to find a way to become profitable, and are alienating their biggest supporters along the way. I think they’ll be nothing but a memory soon…


I have 2, 1 preordered and 1 I picked up ~6mos. after, if all you want is a way to play local files this is one of the better options (although a jailbroken ATV2 running XBMC would be my choice) but if you are looking for internet content outside of netflix I’d look at something else.

Also if you have any number of HTiB from sony (and probably others) you can look forward to low audio because of something boxee broke and refuses to fix.

And don’t expect much future support, there wasn’t much to begin with but after a couple of years this is pretty much abandoned.


There’s really no need for Boxee software when the XBMC is available. Boxee software branched from earlier version of XMBC, and now they’ve closed it off and it’s stagnating. XBMC is a robust and complete media solution. I got it running on my PC, AppleTV, and as soon as it gets here, a Raspberry Pi.


The “humorous” description says Boxee streams “to your computer.” I think it should say “from your computer to your TV.” Makes a difference.