Boxee Box High-Definition Media Player by D-Link

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Boxee Box High-Definition Media Player by D-Link
$119.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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the one thing I want and it sold out

That was fast!

I’d think about going for this except that I vowed never to be screwed over by another D-Link device ever again.

0 sold? lol

how long does a woot-off usually last?

Not a bad price. Amazon has it for $179 new - $174.95 Walmart - $178.00 Best Buy - $179.99

Same product, but those are retail prices. Still seems like a pretty good deal.

if they had included component-output on the Boxee Box I’d be all over this. Without it, no thanks.

this woot-off goes quick !!

So what did they have, one of them?

Oh very funny, woot. 1. Har.

Yes. See top of page.

Holy crap!

Only 1 unit and I managed to snag it. Not bad :slight_smile:

I picked one of these up a few months ago from woot, refurb and all. Nary a problem with it. It doesn’t like streaming 1080p very well (might have been a network issue but I upgraded the whole house to gig recently and haven’t tried a 1080p stream since, so ymmv). I think most of the refurbs on these are from people who don’t ‘get’ how they get content. Streaming over a DSL line or anything less than 5MB won’t be a very good experience, and sometimes the browser doesn’t auto-fullscreen like you might expect it should.

If you’ve got a lot of local streams on your network though, it’s a fabulous little box. Absolutely silent and just works.

I bought it for Slingplayer. Figured Sling would eventually release an AppleTV app, but they’re so slow I doubt it would’ve been released before the baseball season. This will be great for watching games away from home.

I own one. It was your limited wireless network bandwidth, rlangis. Wi-Fi and 1080p often don’t go well unless the signal is perfect.

It streams 1080p beautifully. NO trouble with that. They’re also coming out with an HDTV tuner for it for $50 to add TV functionality.

I wouldn’t worry about the D-link branding. It’s a nice unit.