Boxee Box High-Definition Media Player by D-Link

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Boxee Box High-Definition Media Player by D-Link
$109.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Already have a home media box.


well…this could kill an hour or so…

Apparently every Wooter needs 10 entertainment devices?

I don’t get it

Great if you want to sit on it.

So another Digital Media Player.

Im seeing a trend here.

not the box i was hoping for

this is a square deal…

Still grumpy that they axed the PC version of this software, but figured that was coming when the updates started become VERY long inbetween. sigh Question is: Is this twice the value as the Roku I JUST bought?

Love my boxee. No more upgrades for the PC version, might as well get one to cut the cord for good.

Wait a second…there’s only like 15…this could go fast…

must only have 3, as that shot down…

My Drobo with 10TB of high definition movies and TV shows beats this. Gonna have to pass on this one.

I’ve had one of these since it came out. Great for watching movies that are on my hard drive (samba share). Also works with Netflix & others. Wireless is a little quirly.

Why would you pay 100 dollars for something that only does the same thing as a computer with a media cable or you have to pay 8 bucks a month for apps?

What >exactly< does this thing do?

I have one of these. The software is surprisingly buggy.