Boyd Mattresses and Frames

um, home depot sells the queen frame for $95.97 and woot price is $129.99… i thought woot was supposed to be a deal! definitely do your research before wooting.

To be fair, shipping to my home for a king sized one from Home Depot was $55 by itself. Of course, I could ship it to the store for free, so that’s not a GREAT argument.

Shipping is free.

To be fair, you countered a price of a queen size with talk about a king size. Let’s keep it apples to apples here. And as mentioned above, shipping is free.

My deepest apologies for speaking only from my own experience in shopping for the king sized frame. Of course you’re right. The queen ships free on HD.

So um… Anyone know anything about the mattresses? Other than shipping costs at home depot?

This seems to be the link to use to find out more about these mattresses: