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I am looking to purchase a foam mattress and have been educating myself about them. Is there any information what this “high density” foam’s density is in the various beds? Is it true that this foam is manufactured in China? These prices are great, but there would no returns on this product, correct?

I represent the manufacturer and all of our High Density foams are 3lb and greater depending on the layer and the desired feel. Our foams are made in the China area through a Eco Friendly Certified process. Because of this strict manufacturing process we can offer a longer warranty on high quality sleep systems which is managed through our Corporate Customer Service Department.

The Rest Right frame gets good reviews at Home Deot. Cheaper, too. Woot- what happened?

The Cali king is 119.99 at homedepot with free shipping too!


This is a better price… I had to wait a year though to get it at $75 for a queen… Last Christmas I saw it, waited, then it was $80 then it was $100, waited a year… $75 again… bought it… now it’s $80ish

My pain specialist insists I purchase a quality latex mattress to help relieve my pain and sleep problems. The latex mattress I own now was perfect when I bought it, but was sagging miserably after 18 months of use. I will be replacing it soon, but need to know whether these mattresses are soft, firm, or extra-firm. Which mattress would you recommend for someone with a severe spine injury, repaired by cervical fusion of three disks? Help, please.

What would the warranty be on something like this? What if I can’t sleep well on this bad boy and need to return it?

I am a representative of the manufacturer and not a back doctor :frowning: In my 18 years of manufacturing sleep systems I have heard many doctor recommendations and they seem to vary widely. So, I can not recommend any one for your needs. However, the 12" 933 provides natural Dunlop latex in in top layer and will offer the most conformance and support of any of the mattresses posted. Then, moving down the conformance scale (getting firmer in feel) would be the 12" 912 with engineered Latex (although still offering a plusher feel), the 8" Gel Rest (a plush/firm feel), the 9" 910 with engineered latex (Plush/firm feel) and finally the 9" PureForm (cushion firm feel).

As with any new bed sold by a company that does not resell mattresses, there is not a “comfort warranty.” However, there is a Manufacturer’s Warranty on all of these that replaces any defective mattress. You will find that these warranties range from 10 to 25 years which are very long for mattresses of this price point. Boyd’s manufacturing standards are extremely high, providing for a quality, long lasting sleep system! So, rest assured, your covered!

Hi Dirkster, thanks for the information you’ve provided so far. Do you have any specifics on the foam density/weight of the 8" Gel Rest Premium beyond plush/firm?

It’s my pleasure! The Gel-infused Memory Foam is 4lb density foam that is channel vented. It is laminated on a 7lb High Density solid support foam base. The mattress has a 25 year total warranty.

Do I need a box spring under one of these mattresses, or can I put it directly on one of the frames that are also a part of this woot?

The frames in this Woot eliminate the need for a boxspring and steel bedframe. They also provide for up to 14" of storage under the mattress!

Thanks for the link I was about to buy a king and two twins till I saw your post. Just finished my order on Home Depot and will have them by the 24th according to my confirmation emails. Saved a bunch of money

Woot shame in you ever since amazon bought you things have gone way down hill

i had a latex mattress and actually it was a higher end brand name one. did not last at all. its been maybe 5 years and its sunk where both me and my wife sleep looks like a mountain in the middle. never had this issue with memory foam ones we have had. any chance you will bring a 12-14" memory foam in king to woot any time soon? the 8" is not really deep enough for our frame.

just not sure we want to chance latex again.

If its the higher end line of latex that I am very familiar with (worked there for several years), your mattress is not caving in because of the latex, but rather the 1.7lb poly foam that was used in the quilted top of the mattress. The lower density foam in the quilted top layer is what has broken down. The 933 Latex mattress has the Dunlop Latex in the top layer (no quilted top poly foam) so you wont experience that problem! Making a Latex mattress like we do allows you to get the great feel and support of latex with out the problems of a traditional quilted top mattress. This is a great feeling mattress that will last you a LONG time! And, you will probably never see it at this price again :wink:

Dirkster, you seem to be very responsive. I am in the market of buying a new mattress and possibly making a switch from a spring mattress. I’ve been doing a little research and my biggest concern is the sagging issue. This seems to be a given in most cases. Will Boyds Sag? If/when it starts to sag, will Boyd replace for this? And quality is of course highly important to me. As for the “quality” goes, is the 933 12" the best for these choices? Looking forward to hearing your response.

If I have a regular bed frame, do I need to have a box spring for the 933 King?

I’m interested in the 933 king.

How is latex for motion transfer? My 12 y/o Sterns & Foster double pillow top feels like a waterbed for motion transfer.

I should be able to use my box spring until I get a new bed with slats instead if box spring?