Boys Toys



Can’t they be girls toys, too? I loved K’nex and trucks as a kid and I work in construction now! I am also a lady. Why so exclusive woot?


Just TRY and keep me away. I’m a girl and I love my trucks!!!


I came to say the exact same thing. I’m a girl and I would have been drooling over these toys as a kid!


Bad, bad, bad woot. Just because boys may prefer these toys does not make them boy toys. Lots of girls play with these too. Especially building toys like K’nex and LEGO.


Agree with the previous commenters. Surprised to see the sexism for this sale. I have a boy and girl, and they each equally loved playing with all their toys regardless of archaic of notions of which sex they were for. My daughter was always much more adept at using tools at a younger age than my son.


WOOT. What the hell.

Girls can’t like trucks? Or K’nex? The blatant sexism here is DESPICABLE.

Girls don’t have to be all pink and frilly, yo.


I am a man and I refuse to buy these for my son, since all the women are upset with Woot for trying to market something towards my son.

Woot, you lost yourself a 500$ sale because I am sexist and won’t buy a toy that girls could play with.


Seriously guys? You’re gonna get all fired up just because they called them “boys toys?” Do you get mad when you see menswear signs in Belk, too? Throw a tantrum when you can’t get a prostate exam? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t throw a hissy fit if they did a Barbie listing and called them girls toys. Can we please get over this far-too-easily-offended, self-righteous, politically correct nonsense? Yes, they’re typically boys toys. Do you see a gender drop down menu at checkout that prevents you from purchasing if you have two of the same chromosome? Calm down, buy what you want, and stop making the country a little more miserable.


irony 1 (ˈaɪrənɪ)

— n , pl -nies

  1. the humorous or mildly sarcastic use of words to imply the opposite of what they normally mean
  2. an instance of this, used to draw attention to some incongruity or irrationality
  3. incongruity between what is expected to be and what actually is, or a situation or result showing such incongruity
  4. See dramatic irony
  5. philosophy See Socratic irony

[C16: from Latin ironia, from Greek eirōneia, from eirōn dissembler, from eirein to speak]


I guess the tongue-in-cheek sexism is kind of not cool, maybe. But how about $600 for a bunch of plastic? Don’t get me wrong, this is awesome, but $600 is a little over the top. I could see maybe $200.

Also, for the record, this is $570 at


Did you look at the specs of that set? Over 5500 pieces = a little over $0.10 per piece. The assembled project is 8’x5’x6’ – You’re probably going to have to move furniture, cars, and/or appliances to fully assemble it!

It is not my lack of a Y chromosome which deters me. $600 is admittedly a fairly daunting price tag, but can’t say it isn’t a fair price. The deal breaker for me is that the only places we could even attempt to build this in our modest home would be either in one of our completely emptied bedrooms or in our living room if we pushed & stacked everything else to one side.

Don’t forget to leave at least a 2’ clearance around it for assembly and use. Moreover, it’s probably going to be difficult or impossible to reposition it once you’ve reached a certain point in the assembly process.


does this have a remote?


I looked at the specs. A little more than $0.10 per piece for pieces of plastic made in China seems high to me.


I’m afraid the Big Movin’ Rumbler Wheel Loader is actually cheaper at Amazon, especially if you include Prime’s free shipping…


The price should continue to deter you - it has previous been offered on Woot for $500, most recently on Valentine’s Day this year…


Actually over 95% is made in USA. They employ over 600 Americans between production, marketing and delivering them. So $@&%* about the 5%. :slight_smile:


I like this guy.


And now it’s $549 here. :wink:

Go buy one!


The Son of Serpent Coaster would be one heck of a fun way to get back at a brother or sister in law when given as a gift for their kid. This would take forever to build.