Boyt Digital Gun Safe: Top or Front Load

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Boyt Digital Gun Safe: Top or Front Load
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10/24/2014 - $59.99 - Click To See Discussion (14 comments)

The suspense of not knowing what the #3 and #5 things are is kind of rough.


Requires 8 AA bateries for internal power?!

So says a youtube review

It is actually digital, tactical and operator use only. If the stressed the tactical and operator side of things, it would break the internet.

I got one of each the last time these were on sale. They are ok, but yes 8 AA batteries and one of them has a tendency to forget the code I program into it. I should probably warranty exchange that one. The jumpstart contacts on the side are a nice feature.

I have one of these, and although it functions well as a safe, it is a TERRIBLE “emergency” safe because every button-press triggers a beep. I ended up ripping the thing down to the PCB to pull the speaker.

Completely boggles the mind why a gun safe would have a loud beep noise from each key press. I wonder if the manufacture thinks we’re going to “beep” the burglar away?

Junk! The lock mechanism is a joke. Tried adjusting several times for either will not stay latched or will not open. Very disappointed in this purchase. Found much better for same price.

And what is the name of the much better safe???

In case you accidentally lock yourself out:

And now I feel like there’s no point to owning a safe at all.

Does anyone have a recommendation that a 3-year-old cannot break into in 5 seconds?

Same here! I even called them and they sent me a new one, but it didn’t work any better. You can pop it open with a knife without even using the combo!

A high shelf

Google “Fort Knox Pistol Box”.

They make 3 different models that are more expensive at around $200, but they’re built well and use a quality mechanical push button lock that will be passed on to your children, and will never require batteries.

Fortress at Costco

I got the cable tethered ones that were on Woot! a few month ago - The NanVault NV100. It’s just a decent mechanical lock, no electronic gizmos.

I’ve been happy with it.


I was eight when I found the drumsticks from Grandma on top of the refrigerator. Out of sight, out of mind – works very well.

very poor quality. I have to enter the code 3 times before the unit opens.