Boyt Digital Gun Safe: Top or Front Load

Check out the product page for the front load vault

Anything with a tubular lock like this should be avoided. They are amazingly easy to pick. There are countless videos on youtube showing how to. Amazon even sells the lock picks for it. You have been warned…

You could remove the lock and install an Abloy!

I think that’s a valid point for someone thinking of using this for valuable items. But as a gun safe, this looks pretty good. Your average 5 year old isn’t going to pick the lock. This will do a good job of keeping a pistol secure until you would really need it.

I’m a lock smith, and I find it very difficult to pick a tubular lock with a standard pick or makeshift pick, and tubular lock picks are expensive. I’d rather have this on a gun safe than a pin tumbler lock, especially since my kids can already pick those pretty well. Just keep your tubular pick inside the gun safe, and swallow the key.

This safe isn’t for keeping guns or valuable “safe”. Any thief will just take the whole thing with him and break it open later. It’s mainly to keep your handguns away from children.

So have you tried a Bic pen?

I bought one of these (top load model) on a previous WOOT. Overall it is pretty good. It DOES have the unfortunate defect that if you drop it in just the right orientation, it will open. So bolt it to a wall or a large piece of furniture. The only other issue I have had is that the battery holders do not fit in the batter compartment. I had to pry the bottom of the batter compartment down to keep it from scraping the outer layer of the batteries off. It has opened every time and the batteries are still going strong after more than a year of use. I would be nice if it had a light inside, but otherwise this is a pretty good choice for keeping stuff out of the hands of the kids.

Price looks good. But, the front load gets one not-so-great review on Amazon:

Couldn’t find much on the top-load.

Wondering if this safe works with analog guns… ?

It works well with double action. Semi auto or single (analog) action firearms

Not many apparently got your reference. At the time it became obvious that a major maker of gun safes had a tubular lock easily opened with a Bic pen, I corresponded with management at LL Bean to alert them to the problem and their liability once I realized their gun safes (large and expensive) were made by that company. LL Bean took a a day or two to believe they had a problem but then I sent the woman officer a link to a YouTube demo and they immediately stopped selling them, probably until a fix was developed or perhaps a “regular” key lock was substituted. Never got thanked but I may have saved them a fortune from settlements with dead kids parents. More importantly, may have saved some kids…

I came across this article on vault security while I was researching vaults today. It’s worth a read, grain of salt in hand. The comments thread points out some flaws in the analysis, such as the child having been trained on technique and the vaults not having been bolted down. Take it for what it’s worth.

I’d be interested to hear any thoughts on this particular model in that light.

Well I for one thank you.

The front load one is a piece of crap. Mine just arrived and I could not get it to close after installing it. tried slamming the door and the battery box popped open and the battery holder fell out snapping the power cables. That’s not to mention that the screw holding the battery box in place is drilled though the code reset button.

Bought front load & wont work with batteries or the 9-volt “fail safe-” can only open with key…disappointed

Bummer. These have a 1yr Boyt warranty; have you tried reaching out to them yet?

Although the kryptonite bike lock could be opened with a bic pen, the problem was specific to the lock. Try opening a tubular lock with more than two pins with a bic pen and you will fail.