Boyt Electronic Vaults: Your Choice

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Boyt Electronic Vaults: Your Choice
Price: $69.99 - 79.99
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Anyone see any difference besides the keypad piece and a fraction of an inch in one dimension?

Other than what you’ve mentioned… WARRANTY.

from Woot’s listing -


Boyt 83005 Programmable Medium Electronic Vault: 1 Year Boyt Harness Warranty

Boyt 83002 Select Medium Vault: 3 Year Boyt Harness Warranty

(text emphasis is mine)

I think the listing may be wrong. The instructions for both found on the company website indicate a one year warranty.

The instructions from company website indicate the 83002 will test the battery by pressing the ‘start’ button. The 83005 will display ‘Lo Bat’ when the batteries are nearly discharged.

I’m confused too. The cheaper one seems to have more features.

Couple more things…

I don’t see any way to shut off the sounds on either safe.

The 83002 requires one more button pressing to open.

83002: ‘start’ ‘123’ ‘start’
83005: ‘123’ ‘#’

Are these safes fireproof and waterproof?

I have the programmable one. I like it for what it is.

It is not fire/water proof though.

Just a vault, not a safe.

The 02 model features a cylinder type key lock that overrides the combination lock. the cheaper one does not.

The 02 model IS the cheaper one. The instructions indicate they both have override keys.

The 85002 model is California DOJ approved for firearm storage. Also, the 85002 model has knock-outs for using a cable lock to secure it.

Only if kept away from fire and from under water. But,if submerged under water it is waterproof. In short,No.

As to difference, note that the more expensive model is called “electronic”. What they really mean is “electric”. When you key in the number and press #, the safe unlocks.

On the cheaper model, once you key in the number, you have 4 seconds to open the safe by turning the knob, or it will be locked again.

The former is more like every hotel safe that I have ever used. Not a big difference, but apparently a $10 one.

I am much more likely to notice a continuous “LO BATT” display than remembering to check the battery, so that would be worth a couple of bucks to me as well.

P.S. Also, both are programmable to enter your own code. Both are pre-drilled for mounting to something solid. Neither are effective unless you mount them to something solid. Oh, and according to vendors docs, both have a 1-year warranty.

The dimensions on the woot description must be wrong. Compare the “size” to “Internal dimensions” and the walls are only 1/4" to 1/8th" thick. Not very Vaulty!

How big are the cable lock knockouts on the 83002? Trying to figure out what cable lock to buy that will fit.

The door is 11 gauge, so 1/8". The body is 15 gauge, so a little more than 1/16". This is not a safe. This is for keeping the kids from playing with the Ruger, and otherwise for “keeping honest people honest”, as my dad would say.

A safe would weigh a LOT more than 17 pounds, and have a rating for the number of minutes it will repel attack with a torch (“TR”) or tools (“TL”). This would have a TL rating of about 30 seconds.

Interesting choice for sports.woot…what gives?

That’s what i came on to post! How did it take this long for anyone to mention this? What gives?