Boyt Harness Gun Cases

Looks good, in for 1.

There are car commercials that compare cars to other cars… “As good as a Camry.” This is one of those things. If you want a really fantastic firearm case, it takes almost research. Just get a Pelican. Pelican cases are awesome. The Military uses them. Police departments use them. A Pelican case will do everything, weather everything, and protect the stuff in it.

These Boyt cases are more than “just as good as a Pelican.” I’d say they are slightly better - because for comparable models - like if you compare the H51 to the Pelican 1750 - the Boyt H51 is an inch or two bigger in every direction. It will hold slightly more stuff, or protect your stuff for one more inch of forklift blade, or whatever might try to poke through and ruin your firearms. That extra inch may never matter, but if it does… here ya go!

Woot has got really great prices on these cases too.

So WHY are these so good? Every component of these cases is top-quality - all made in the USA, and I think it is a first for Woot, I think these cases all have a lifetime warranty. These cases that will help your firearms last longer than you do. When your children are ready to inherit your firearms, and their children, these cases will probably be just fine.
The foam in them is high quality, is high density and it is easy to cut foam that you can customize to whatever firearm(s) you want to stick inside. (or cameras, or whatever) They include a good quality O-ring seal and pressure relief valve too.

If these cases were at list price, I might get a Pelican instead, but at these prices, I think these cases are pretty unbeatable. I highly recommend them.

I have the Double Long gun case (h51) it fits two AR-15s and detached EOTech sights.

Tips for the foam. Use an electric knife to cut it, and hit the foam with some plastidip spray to increase it’s life.

Spot on timing! I have a new bull pup rifle being delivered tomorrow, and now I’ll have a decent case to be delivered along with it.

With the plasti-dip: a couple light coats over the surace of the foam?

And I just spent my weekly firearms budget on ammo. Oh well. The stock case that came with my Beretta is holding up pretty good so far.

Beretta case? Mexican carry that!

Just got the H48 case from FedEx.
The case itself is beefy and awesome! The slight disappointment came when I opened it. It came with pillared (egg crate) foam, and not a configurable pluck/cut type foam as pictured and described.

We’ve checked our sale info against the manufacturer’s site and it looks like we had some info wrong.

It does come with egg-shell foam, not customizable, high density.

We’ve updated the sale to reflect this.

If this is a deal-breaker for you, please feel free to contact

Apologies for the problems.

Essentially yes, i put a bit more at the contact points. found the idea on youtube and had some left over from coating my rims

Thanks for the update as you saved me a headache and that is much appreciated. I had been thinking about the H48 Rifle/Carbine Hard Case for a few days and decided to go for it but, luckily, I decided to see if there were any new comments before I pulled the trigger. The custom foam option was what had me so with your info stating it is not, you saved me and woot time and effort. Thank you very much.

Think this is at least the second time there’s been a Boyt woot plus. Be neat if next time you could maybe offer the H36 especially and the H44 too.

Thank you for the info. I’ll see what I can do.

Bought two of the H48 the last time they were on Woot. Great buy and a strong case… no worries about my guns. Only wish would be that it was just a inch or two taller. Have to remove green dot scope for the AR to fit.

We bought one that fits the two guns and they fit great. Now our colt and kimber are safe and sound! We also cut spaces for all of our magazines, six fit nicely.