BR30 Recessed Single Premium Smart Bulb

BR30 Recessed Single Premium Smart Bulb

Since Woot hides historic prices/data now, here is a record of the prices here and what their CamelCamelCamel lowest prices were at.

Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch with Remote (Requires Hue Hub, Installation-Free, Smart Home, Exclusively for Philips Hue Smart Bulbs) $18.49 (CCC Lowest
$19.79 Feb 12, 2019)

Philips Hue 453100 A19 60W Equivalent Dimmable LED Smart Bulb (Works with Alexa Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant), White, 2-pack
$19.99 (CCC Lowest $23.89 Sep 01, 2018)

Philips Hue 458471 Smart Hub (Works with Alexa Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant), 2-pack
$34.29 (CCC Lowest $44.77 Dec 22, 2018)

Philips Hue 464487 Single Premium Dimmable Color Smart Bulb, 16 million Colors, 50,000 shades of White
$29.99 (CCC Lowest $28.99 Apr 04, 2019)

Philips Hue 468942 Single Premium BR30 Smart Bulb Downlight for 5-6 inch recessed cans, 16 million colors, Hub Required, Works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant
$36.99 (CCC Lowest $35.98 Mar 18, 2019)

Philips Hue 455287 A19 60W Equivalent Dimmable LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit (2 A19 60W White Bulbs and 1 Hub Compatible with Amazon Alexa Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant), White
$44.99 (CCC Lowest $49.81 Nov 23, 2017)

Philips Hue 471960 White and Color Ambiance A19 60W Equivalent LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit (4 A19 Bulbs and 1 Hub Compatible with Amazon Alexa Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant)
$119.00 (CCC Lowest $134.99 Nov 27, 2017)

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I just moved into a new apartment and was lamenting how bad the lighting in my place was because it has recessed lighting and I put in my regular hue bulbs. Should I replace them with the hue downlights?

RyanT419 - I have NO doubt that if you used the standard HUE bulbs in a recessed lighting fixture that the lighting looks HORRIBLE! Do yourself a favor and use the proper bulb for your fixture. It will change the whole look and feel of your room lighting.

I’ve installed many recessed lighting fixtures or “can lights” as builders and electricians call them. They are typically designed to use a “trim ring” that sets them up for a certain light bulb, usually a “down light” as you describe. Different trim rings can alter the appearance and usually denote the type of bulbs & wattage that they accept. There is usually a small sticker attached inside the trim ring that tells you which bulbs are optimal and usable with that trim ring. BR30 is a very common bulb style used in recessed lighting, which is what this Phillips HUE bulb is designed to replace.

A typical standard A19 light bulb almost never looks good in a recessed lighting fixture because the bulb is designed to illuminate equally all around the bulb (up, down, and around) and in an incandescent or halogen version can actually overheat a recessed lighting fixture causing it to shut down until it cools off. You aren’t going to have that problem with an LED light given it’s lower heat output, however, you are going to notice that the light will look EXTREMELY DIM compared to a bulb designed for the fixture. The BR30 bulb is a reflector type of light bulb and concentrates the light output directly down in a spot or flood pattern, which is more efficient for the light output and will look MUCH better!

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To be fair, whenever we go to Walmart/Target/Any store, it’s not like we get a list of past prices that are on the shelves…

Woot specifically listed it at the top of every thread starter prior to the “new woot forums”. Once the “new woot forums” took over, they stopped doing that. It removes the price from the sold out page and they do not place it in the forums anymore.

Just an option that not everyone notices was taken away, but, pep-ridge farm remembers. A lot of the time I can still find the old prices using google cache and good search terms.

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Sure you’re not thinking about Wootstalker Bot?

Woot stalker contained more detail information. When the product was created there was a guaranteed forum post with the item information and unit price. Then Woot Stalker was the 2nd post which contained more detail information AND previous woot deals with the same product. Two different things.

Hi there. We never posted prices past/present in the Wootbot post. The only thing that was there was the last sucker and time to first purchase. The fact that we didn’t post past prices was even in our FAQ.

A VERY long time ago, we would show how many sold but decided to stop that. And before someone says something, it was before Amazon.

Wootstalker would post prices to past sales and links to Google and Amazon.

Ah yes you’re right. I must be thinking of the old “revenue per hour” dollar figure WootBot would post. I mean it’s been well over a decade. Most the old time posters from here left years ago, so I doubt many remember.