Brack Mountain Enos Girasole (4)

Brack Mountain Enos Girasole Red Blend 4-Pack
$64.99 (Normally $125.55) 48% off List Price
2008 Enos Girasole, Dry Creek Valley and Chalk Hill
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$14.99 Wine Store - Shoppers Vineyard but higher shipping cost

What? Is it supper time for everyone? I’m looking for SOME info on this other than the description.

This has been a particularly slow and quiet WO. I’m guessing everyone received their holiday credit card statements. And/or, they are laid up with this god damn flu that’s going around and has had me on my back for 11 days now (despite having had the flu shot…)

Looks like a daily drinker and at this price, can’t pass up an opportunity to give it a whirl

Looks tasty. I never had a bad red blend off of Woot, and I like Sangiovese in blends very much. So, in for one, despite current poverty.

Oh, and around to RAT as well, please…

Here’s the previous offer with some comments from Wooters who had tasted at our HalloWoot tasting…

Or woot offs have become more common and woot deals have become less enticing?
Don’t get me wrong, there are still some great deals on wine.woot, but in 2007 I would be very willing to try something I’ve never heard of from this site because it was almost always good. These days I generally don’t buy unless I know the wine is a good deal and agrees with my palate. There just can’t be that many killer deals when you offer one every day in an improving economy.

Googled the name and found out they most likely served this in the White House.

Hi everyone, Ali here from Brack Mountain Winery these days…I’m in North Carolina inbetween tastings and dinner so will keep it short.

This wine is among our favorites right now at the winery, beautiful cabernet from our Enos Estate Vineyard in Dry Creek blended with sangiovese from a small vineyard over in the Chalk Hill AVA. Big and full bodied right at first pour, but we love to decant this wine honestly and let it relax a bit. It’s a bottle that has lasted quite a few days after opening too. A perfect cozy winter wine for sure.

The Girasole is mostly found in restaurants around the Bay Area an also a bit sold into Texas. A gem among our wine treasures at Brack! Happy to see it on the Woot Off today…Cheers - Ali

I’ve found quite a few offers rather tempting (this one included), but I am really not supposed to be buying wine. I just can’t buy wine right now. I’d buy this if I could, though.

dang! just saw that I missed the salted chocolate pecan caramels…those would be a delicious pairing with this wine!

Agree, the $5 shipping and rest of day free is what keeps me coming, I posted last week the the wife loves the Tasi Merlot, Advertised at $200 a case $95 on woot, bought it at $105 last Friday at a local store. But you cant beat the shipping as I have made 4 buys today and only paid $5 to ship them all.

Ah ya snooze ya lozzze, I jumped on those today

In defense of Woot, it really depends upon where one lives as to what they have available.

The economy is improving??


What color is the sky on your planet? Is it nice?

If you happen to be typing on your home computer, on your internet connection and buying crap you don’t really need on woot you probably don’t have any room to talk about the economy…just sayin, you’re not starving on the streets