Bradley Fabric Sofa (Pick One)

did this increase nearly $200 overnight?

Yeahhhhhhhhh, we had the first two digits swapped. It was priced incorrectly. Sorry. :frowning:

yeah so, can we get refunds? my wife purchased it without realizing it changed. Only reason we bought was that 6 out front!

You can contact CS for options. I’ll email them now to make sure they know you’re contacting them.

Thank you! I sent them an email to cancel the order but of course The support page said it was after 15 min, so I filled out the box on bottom and sent it. Only thing that seems off is I never got one of those “we will twiddle our thumbs and play CoD for the next 24 hrs, then we will get back to you” is there a direct email?

Gonna go,play some CoD. :slight_smile: thanks as always

Our new system doesn’t send an auto response email any more. CS will get back to you and I sent an email already. Holler if you have problems.

I got denied. :frowning: I sent a reply email. Hopefully they read it and change their mind.

Jeez, sorry. I put your info in my report for CS this evening. Someone should be in touch tomorrow.

I’m totally in the market- especially for that exact color, but where can I find one to actually sit in one?