Bragi The Dash Truly Wireless Smart Earphones

Even with the 3.0 firmware, Bluetooth connection breaks up and fails, mostly outdoors (for some reason). So the one feature you want – hands-free calling is really not going to work all the time.

I ordered these the last time Woot had them. They worked great for a day or so. But then they would not stay connected to my phone. The only way to reset the connection was to put them back in the case and hit the reset button. I had to do it 3x in a row before I decided NOPE, going back. Really sucks, the sound is great and they’re very comfortable. I went with the terribly named, The Headphone instead. I miss the charging case & touch controls, but I’ve never had a drop off.

Thank you both, not gonna do it.

Gotta agree. I ordered a pair a couple weeks ago when they were last offered. The first thing I did was update them with the latest firmware. Then I tried them on a walk (paired with my iPhone 7) and the BT connection cut out frequently. This even with the phone on my right-side pocket as had been suggested by others. Sigh, I really wanted to like them.

I always figured it was because indoors the signal will bounce off walls and furniture to reach your ears, rather than having to go straight through your body.

Yup. I had to do the manual (rapid) update as the updater wasn’t working. That became a fiasco and I ended up having to get a workaround from their customer service. That I have to say is excellent and fast. Unfortunately I started to experience the same drop off issues yesterday and wow is it stupid. Two feet away in a pocket and it chokes up almost instantly.

That and I’m not thrilled that I just bought these new a little over a week on here and now here comes this deal for a refurbished set. Ugh.

Wear the phone on your belt or arm and outdoor connection issues go away, and I don’t have a problem inside. At least that’s how it works for me. I like them so far-- I knew about the weak Bluetooth connection coming into my purchase.

I’ve had my eye on these since their Kickstarter campaign started. Bought them refurbed from the last Woot! sale. The jury is still out on them. I keep my phone in right chest pocket and don’t have connection issues. I have to swap out the sleeves to find if I can get them more comfortable, they hurt after about 30 minutes. Transprency is disorienting. indscreen useless. Not very functional when running in a breeze. Still…the tech is cool!

Looks cool but I don’t like earbuds. I have 2 Motorola s305 headsets.

I bought these in the Woot last month.

I have had no bluetooth problems at all when indoors, which is where I mostly use them.

When outdoors, the bluetooth can cut out from time to time, but I haven’t used them outdoors much yet. Phone placement is critical. I also haven’t really used the activity features, although the heart rate seemed accurate when I’ve checked it.

I’ve found them to be very comfortable and the sound is very good. Not great, but definitely very good.

I love the touch controls, the transparency mode and the charging case.

There’s no way I’d pay $300-$350 for these, but for $100 I think they are great. I’m seriously considering purchasing a 2nd pair as a backup.

I got these from Woot and so far they work well for wireless ear buds. I do wish they could instantly translate Klingon to English.

My wife bought them for me at retail for Christmas. I wear my phone (BlackBerry PRIV) in a holster on my belt (yeah, I’m a geek). The Bluetooth connection was unusable. Worked fine if I held the phone in my hand. We sent them back. My $20 ones from Amazon work way better.

So the consensus is bad for phone but good for music?

I like them overall. The bluetooth is flaky for sure. I find if I put my phone in my back pocket and don’t touch it it’s mostly fine unless I turn my head all the way to the left. But I just put music and podcasts on the buds themselves. Very nice on my daily walks. Touch controls take some getting used to. Love the case.

FYI, it is dumb to wear headphones when out cycling.

Just received mine yesterday. Took me a long while to actually get them up and running. For some reason they wouldn’t update to the latest software which is 3.0 at the moment. Tried all night, got to work and tried and eventually got it working. Bluetooth went out for a split second while moving but nothing major. Folks complain about the sound but it sounds good to me. I use Google Play Music so I adjusted the equalizer a lil to get that correct sound I like. I forgot the silicone covers at home without them they are a little irritating but not too bad so I know it will be better with them.


So I have so many issues that’s its not funny. The update process is horrendous, the right dash says it’s charging but really isn’t, they cut off while on a call after 1 minute and I have to keep connecting but stays connected when playing music, the Bluetooth is very funky, your device must be on your right said at all times preferably in your hand. Last but not least, customer service is horrible the reply with fixes that have nothing to do with your issues. No help via Twitter page