Bragi The Dash Truly Wireless Smart Earphones

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Bragi The Dash Truly Wireless Smart Earphones
Price: $98.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Bought one retail at a much higher price and mostly satisfied even at that price point. At $99, as long as the batteries aren’t toast in the refurb (roxorz!), these can be a great value!

Pros: wireless, waterproof, fitness tracking (run, bike, swim), awesome software updates
Cons: bluetooth range can be iffy, latest update seems to have killed mic usefulness, proper fit takes trying all size combinations in different settings

Amazon Reviews: (black) (white)
(Amazon really should merge the colors into one product with color variants)

Refurb earbuds. Do they wash the prior user’s wax off as part of the refurb process?

Bought these about a month ago when they were a bit more expensive… sigh.

anyhow they are a good sounding piece of tech, with decent noise cancellation. On the down side, like other Bluetooth headphones and ear buds I have tried, the moment your phone is not held out at a certain point and kept there, you start loosing signal. They sound great if the phone is set on the desk or something but not for active use. This is compounded as a problem when the device is marketed for fitness tracking, and IMHO the on-board storage, while a nice feature is not a solution.

Good question! These come with all new accessories. The part that fits into your ear has been replaced with a new part.

I would like to get these for mowing on our property. Would I be able to hear the music over the sound of the mower?

My brother has a set from the same mfr (The Headphone) that I borrowed while power washing my mother’s deck. They blocked out the power washer’s racket pretty well and I could hear the music clearly. I suspect they’d work fine for mowing.

Yes, the volume is decent. They also have a passthru mode where you can here your music and outside sounds (like someone talking to you). In this mode, there is a windshield option that is pretty good at blocking generic noise. This is excellent at blocking engine noise on a plane, but I haven’t tried with a lawn mower.

My wife and I each have had Apple Airpods since February and find them to be delightful. Never fall out (unless you’re removing your turtleneck sweater or hugging someone), good battery life, swift recharge 3 times in the little case, solid and easy connectivity to any bluetooth source but especially easy with Apple products. Our original intent was to try them for fun and then return if they weren’t exceptionally good. Now we wouldn’t be without them.

Does upgrading these to os 3.0 fixed the BT drop out issues?

2.0 made the most connectivity improvement that I’ve seen, but there are definitely hardware limitations.
For example when cycling, if my phone is in my back right jersey pocket, it’s fine. If I put it in my backpack, panniers, or pants side pocket (front pocket is fine but I don’t want a phone there), I’m going to have a bad time. As far as I understand it’s because of the lack of things for the waves to bounce off of. It seems right because inside a house I’ve had no trouble being a room and a wall away from my phone.

I’d recommend wearing noise-protection headphones over any earbuds when mowing - otherwise, high volume could damage hearing.

welp, I’m convinced. I’m in for one.

By the way, all of the posts on here today should be considered quality posts as they all were informative and helped me decide to go ahead and pull the trigger.

I saw these at Costco over the weekend for $129.99. Not sure if their the same model or not. Couldn’t find a model number on Costco’s website. v01mPNoLoevkxUneKc7FzX9RwxS03Iw%3D

Any feedback on these for use in a motorcycle helmet? Wireless headphones would be great, but the compression from the foam padding can be uncomfortable in some.

I got these on the last woot! I was looking for some earphones for exercise and when I saw these on sale and I rushed to buy, I didn’t hear about them previously.

After the purchase I went on internet to do some research, which I found really useful, so I thought I would leave one review myself for someone considering purchasing these. English is a second language to me so I ask you in advance to apologize me for any mistakes in my writing.

Connectivity: After I placed my order I read reviews that mentioned their awful Bluetooth connection and that they were a waste of money. I was very afraid that I made a mistake purchasing them on a rush without verifying this. After trying them out for a week I have to say that at least so far I did not have any of the issues reported. It seems the comments in general regarding the Bluetooth connectivity are greatly exaggerated (or maybe I have been lucky). I updated them to the v.3.0.1 as soon as I got them, and I have used them for swimming, running, gym, and walked outdoors with them. It is true that the connectivity is not absolutely perfect, I normally use my Beats Studio Wireless daily and those NEVER break the connection, The Dash on the other hand can have “hiccups” here and there outdoors or if you are around 5-8 mts away from your smartphone, but that is far from the “horrible” and “unusable” comments I saw around the web. These are very small Earphones so I can imagine how small is its Bluetooth trans-receptor, therefore, I did not expect them work “absolutely perfect” all the time. Normally I just get a hiccup here and there if I move quite far away from the phone (e.g. around the gym), and for me there’s no problem with that. I have to say that sometimes the issues with the connectivity depend on the quality of the smartphone used, I tried to use The Dash with a cheap smartphone I had around, and the experience was quite awful, but when I got back to my usual smartphone everything went back to normal, so, maybe if the quality of the Bluetooth on the phone is not good, that could affect the overall experience.

Internal Music Player: As I prefer to do exercise without my phone, I have used them a lot just listening to my music stored inside the device, which is more comfortable for me, and they work perfect. I put all my music on shuffle, but it has options to manage up to four different playlists, in case you want to hear something specific; I have not tried this but it seems simple to do.

Sound: It is pretty much normal, I’m not obsessed with quality of sound (especially while doing exercise) so it works well, if you expect top notch sound maybe you will end up disappointed though.

Comfort: They come with different options of “jackets” to put on to make them fit your ear well, with four sizes available. The fit is very important for the tracking and headset to work well. As I swim with these and I’m afraid they will come out of my ear I use a very tight fit. I had swim with them for several kms at a time and they never move, even while doing butterfly style and flip turns, they stay on with no problem. However, having them so tight in my ear could be a little tiring after a while. If you want to run or go to the gym with them, you could use them a little more loose on your ear with no issues and more comfort. These are very light and feel great, especially if like me, you were used to have big (and heavy) headphones on all the time.

Usability: The device is full of functions (tracking of activities, audio transparency, windshield, playlists management, head gestures… even tell you the time) so it can be a little confusing at the beginning to set them up and learn how to use them, but after getting used to the different functions, it is quite easy, and allows you to control pretty much everything without needing to touch your smartphone which is great. It is nice to be able to change a song while swimming just by shaking your head, but it is true that sometimes you can accidentally send commands while moving, but this is not very frequent.

Design: They look really cool! Exactly as they look on the images of the product.

Call Quality: It is quite good; people do not even notice I’m using The Dash to talk on the phone.

Battery: Battery life is acceptable taking into account the size of the device, and perfect for my training sessions as I never go over three hours. The fact that the carrying case is a charger is very convenient. However, if you want to constantly use them for more than 4 hours… These are not for you.

Overall I think this is a very good deal for someone very active that wants to have some earphones for sports, or for someone that does not use earphones for long periods of time during the day. If you are not into sports or plan to use them for a whole day nonstop, these maybe are not for you. I personally keep using my Studio Wireless in the office and during commutes and put my Dash on as soon as I hit the pool, the gym or the road.

For $100, is quite a good deal! I hope they keep working reliably the coming months.

This is a different headphone and does not have the same features of Bragi - The Dash Truly Wireless Smart Earphones.

I would also like to know the answer to this question.

Bragi sells 4 products - (MSRP prices rounded to end in zeros and avoid cognitive dissonance):[list]
[] The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey - MSRP $500
] The Dash Pro - MSRP $330
[] The Dash - MSRP $300 (on offer here by Woot! for ~$100)
] The Headphone - MSRP $150 (on offer by Costco for $130)
Comparison of “The Dash Pro”, “The Dash Pro by Starkey”, and “The Headphone”

The Dash Pro (not the product for sale here!) was introduced on May 16, 2017; presumably Woot! is helping Bragi dump the remainder of their The Dash (original) stock.

What’s new (Pro v. original):