Brain Freeze



what is their obsession with cream…




Confound this shirt color! I actually like the design but I can’t bring myself to order another hideous cream tee.

And don’t say it’s pink, cuz honestly it’s not even close.


you know the shirts you guys sell here are supposed to APPEAL to people… right?


Its alright but the kids tongue and abnormal looking brain make me not want one, ill pass.


i like it but idk i keep buying t shirts and i dont rock them…


whats with the color on these shirts -_-


cream. I appreciate the pun, but not the color.


1 4 me


the artist has some sweet designs on his website. too bad we got this one…


I have this feeling enough people will hate it that I’ll be able to sleep on it and decide in the morning.

Just cool enough that it may be worth $10, but I’ve bought 5 wootshirts & 2 Busted Teeas in the last month, which is waaaay too much.


I’m in for one. It’s my first woot shirt!


A little graphic…


Cute. But all these cream shirts is the reason that everyone who bought a BreakfasTopo shirt still haven’t received a shirt with the correct colors. They have no supply of cream shirts for the customers they screwed because they’re releasing 3 cream colored shirts a week.


The ice cream on the snow looks like splattered brain tissue; I’ll pass.


Really great shirt. If I were capable of wearing a cream colored shirt, I’d have definitely bought one.

(And from checking out his website, it looks like I’ve bought a different shirt of this guy’s already. Great style…)


They must get a deal on colors like this, no thanks.


What is the obsession with the cream colored shirts?


Dear god, that’s creepy-looking! Thanks, Woot. Going to have nightmares now…