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*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Too bad I’m a guy.

pesky cream shirts…but i am one of the ones who really loves the bottom corner placement

Well, hello gradients!

Gradients? Interesting!

I wonder how it will print.

are those gradients?

I was just listening to that song.

agree with the comment about art placement…

seemingly one of the more detailed shirts i’ve ever seen on shirt.woot

really tight art actually

Got one for my lady-friend. Do I spot true gradients? Scandalous!

is this the first gradient shirt?

nice design, but the cream shirt kills it… too many fruity cream shirts of late.

What a beautiful design, and gradients, too! The placing ruins it for me though =(

Definite gradiant. How do they plan to print that? I thought they couldn’t do gradients.

i cant wait to see a picture of this one.

Personally I love the placement. It really seems to fit the design. If it prints well I could see this one being a big seller for quite a while.

Hmm. Is the gradient step permanent, Woot?

that’s the next derby… most complex use of gradients

teefury, anyone? just thought that kind of ironic. haha

i’ll vouch for the excellent corner placement.

really on the fence about this one, i love cream . i love the picture but im a dude and might not be able to pull it off