Branch Manager

Gradient. : o

I’m a fan. Definitely.

problem with this one is that the title says too much about the art work…

the comedy in it is lost without explanation


LOVE IT!! This will make up for the fact that I missed out on Cool Breeze…

What kinds of flowers are on that branch?

I’m a sucker. Getting this one and the Tee Fury tee. Night all.

Woot rejects similar shirts but they’re selling this? Looks like perched among blossoms to me just in a different location.

I can’t wait to see what this looks like printed on the shirt! Its a beautiful design. I hope the white gradient on the underbelly turns out well. I don’t want the bird to look like a black blob on the shirt.

You could totally wear this shirt. Guys can wear delicate or beautiful designs as long as they know that they look awesome and aren’t all self-conscious. Personally, I love a guy wearing a more “girly” shirt because it shows his confidence.

I also love this design. But alas, cream is the same color as my skin and thus is my nemesis.

All bird shirts look the same.

if only i had known…

i did not buy yesterday’s broken turkey bone shirt.

how was I to know it would pair so nicely with tonight’s blackbird

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly…”

OK, it was a broken wishbone, not a broken wing, but have you ever seen a bird fly with a broken wishbone???

yeh, I didn’t think so.

its only been what a week since the last one? what is your deal. Coming soon!!

dont tell woot that or they will be down to printing only 5 days a week

damn it. I want to use my coupon. no shirt tonite, are you serious…I mean birds are nice and all but…arggggg!

Grats Filipe !!! Pretty flowers and bird… and I’m interested in the gradient on this, but the placement kinda gets me worried. It’s a lovely design though.

It’s a lovely design. I love a lot of Felipe’s designs. I think I would have preferred a higher, asymmetric placement on a darker colored tee similar to the one that he has on Bountee.

But, I may just have to get this one! Congratulations on the print!

Yay for gradients! Hope it turns out well. I do love the lotus flowers… Tulip tree? Pretty sure it’s a tulip tree. would make more sense, also coming soon,

I think woot been able to do gradients for a while now. Has nobody else noticed that when they rejected derby shirts for gradients, the reason almost always was that the gradients were “too complex”? I remember one rejection (I think it was in the summer derby) where they said “we might be able to print this gradient, but we can’t tell from the shirt comp” (not quoted verbatim). I posted about it in derekfilley’s unofficial rules thread. :tongue:

The problem remains (for me at least) that I still don’t know what counts as a “simple” gradient, and what pushes it over the edge to “complex.”

Congrats on the print Dr. Stein! And thanks for making it a little bit clearer how gradients may be used.

Also - has anyone else noticed that Woot has recently been adding more “quality posts” links here? Fun stuff.

Cream. Bahhh!
The birds return, pass.