Brandini Artisan Toffee, 2-Pound Box

Brandini Artisan Toffee, 2-Pound Box
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
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Ahhhh, Toffee Crack is back!

Uh oh. Dang, WD is pulling out the big guns! Nicely played.

I guess candy is gourmet.
Oh! Well!

Okay. 3 days in, and I gave it a chance but…

No wine.woot makes me a sad panda.

Any alternatives out there? (Please don’t say “meh”, cause all the wine I’ve ordered from there is terrible)

Neighborhood bottle shop

I got my sister and her husband hooked on this stuff. Therefore I feel morally obligated to send them more. So I am.

Wait and give Casemates a chance?

I like winex dot com

I don’t know how much heroin they put in this toffee. All I know is that it’s the EXACT right amount. Amazingly good stuff.

I like WTSO dot com, although I sure miss the woot feedback.

Dark choc0late!!! Yes – it’s a health food!

I’ll try that argument too, but I won’t convince myself.

But, health food or not, it’s still great stuff. New Years resolutions are made to be broken, right?

Yes, this will do nicely. All teh toffees please.

I would be fine if you were immorally obligated to send me some.

I like, but I have OCD and a lot of coffee coursing through my veins.

Happy New Year!

Here to answer any questions you may have. Ingredient profile- Butter, sugar, Guittard chocolate, California almonds. Handmade. Gluten free. Yummy! Keeps refrigerated at least a year.

How have you managed to test this year thing? I have no doubts, but mine lasts, oh…two weeks tops before it is devoured and I’m left bereft.

The only way mine sees the end of the year is if I buy it in December. Since we’re in January now, that ain’t gonna happen.