Brandini Artisan Toffee Valentine's Box

Brandini Artisan Toffee Valentine’s Box, 2-Pounds
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$31.99 $48.00 33% off List Price

This crack toffee has turned into an auto-buy.

The December purchase is long-gone.

What’s wrong with you ppl. V-day is coming up and this is nicely wrapped too…

I tried to order chocolates for Christmas from Wine.woot and they arrived afterward. I sent an email and I got a generic response they were waiting for their ‘wine guru’ to get back and I would get a response soon. A month later and it’s still crickets. I would not trust these to come in by Valentines!

What is the difference between this and the Brandini toffee I bought a few weeks ago?

She loved it, BTW – it’s very, very nice (or at least the small piece I’ve been allowed to have was).

It is less expensive than Enstroms, but there’s probably a reason for that.

Why is it that I am still required to log in under Amazon, seeing as you no longer sell wine.

All other WOOT “sites” offer the option of standard log in, or, via an Amazon account.

Pretty sure the only difference is a red ribbon instead of black. :slight_smile:

Hey there, I’m very sorry nobody got back to you! I did a little research and there was an error in the transfer system after the initial rep was on the contact. That is our bad! We are advertising this as being delivered before Valentines day and we fully expect to follow through on that promise. Once again, I’m very sorry for the poor experience you had with us.

For now, because we’re utilizing the great team at Wine Country Connect to make sure your gourmet items get to you in the best shape possible, we’re rolling with Amazon Payments. If the payment requirement changes in the future, we’ll let y’all know!

Yeah, except if you actually go to buy this, when it comes to the shipping method it says expected delivery date is February 14 - February 20th. Not sure what calendar you’re using, but on mine, none of those are BEFORE Valentine’s Day

The website uses a “worst case scenario” process when it puts together delivery dates. WD & Team have guaranteed that these will arrive by Valentine’s Day.

So let me clarify.

This means, that’s the way it’s going to stay, unless Woot changes their mind(s) ??

in my opinion, enstrom toffee is good–brandini toffee is GREAT. (sorry, colorado…still love ya!) after just one piece of brandini, i knew i’d never need any other kind of toffee in my life. as someone else mentioned here, this is an auto-buy.

It’s an overlord thing if you get my drift…

It would be nice if Woot! would let me buy some. For some reason, efforts to buy the toffee (at least 10 tries) have all crapped out. Things are getting hung up when the system tries to log me onto my Amazon account.

you have to use chrome or foxfire, or other search engine etc… not Bing. that’s what I was told from amazon customer service, hope that helps.

I had the same problem until I switched to Chrome. Problem solved.

Bought this the first time Woot ever offered it for Valentines. It is incredibly good, so much so my wife made we swear I would look for it on Woot every Valentines and buy it again if offered.