Brandini Artisan Toffee

Brandini Artisan Toffee, 2 lb Bag
$29.99 $49.00 39% off List Price


Pair it with your favorite wine!

This is amazingly addictive toffee. You have to be careful or the 2 lbs will be gone in just one sitting. It does freeze well, but trust me. You don’t have to worry about the 6 months limit. It will be gone long before that. Great buttery sweet flavor and the chocolate and almonds top it off perfectly. Been a Brandini fan (addict) from their first woot offering on here and highly recommend them.

Anyone know if it’s milk or dark chocolate?

ha - some of the top Woots by state for this munchie are Colorado and Oregon

Dark. And Guittard is good stuff.

Absolutely. And it has none of the bitterness that many associate with dark chocolate. This stuff is divine!

Sorry but $15 a pound for sugar is too much for me.

yeah…i remember thinking that before i tried it, too. <;)

Right…and the Mona Lisa is only about $10 worth of old paint and some old lumber holding it together.

In for the max–one for one of my bosses. He was in Rancho Mirage a while ago and I told him he had to go to the store. Instant convert! When I told him of today’s winewoot!, he was saying YES before I could finish asking him if he wanted in.

This stuff is awesome, but I just make it myself now, it’s fairly easy and only takes an hour or so.


Thanks for having us back… Woohoo!
We have had the toffee laboratory tested for 12 months with no issues. Best to refrigerate or you can freeze it. Good luck with keeping the toffee around for a year.

For those WW in the Palm Springs Area, we give special treatment to you if you stop by either of our stores…Just let us know when you come in.
We are a month away from our grand opening of our 15,000’ factory in Rancho Mirage. Stop by for a factory tour.
It all started here for Brandini on a Wine.woot side deal…does anybody remember that? 8 years ago.

I “found” you guys here on WW 6 years ago. I have been to your store 3 times now, get the “Shake” every time, gave the Chocolate Almond Toffee Popcorn & Cashew Almond Toffee Popcorn for Christmas presents a few years back. The “Kids” out of college yet?

That was 8 years ago? Holy crap. I very much remember being all, I love these kids, I’m gonna buy some and then being, I love this stuff, I can’t wait to buy more!

A 15,000’ factory? Maybe it’s time we come down for another visit. Congrats!