Brandini Artisan Toffee

Looking forward to the reports…

edthebedhead shows us his monkey
MaskedMarvel seems to be phishing for compliments with his verbose review (oh, and shows us monkeys, too)

Brandini Artisan Toffee
$29.99 + $5 shipping
1 1/2 lb Toffee Bits
1 1/2 lb Toffee Toppers
1 1 lb Brandini Toffee

No CellarTracker links. Please do not cellar your toffee. If you wish to store it, please send it to me.

Well, this is the first time they’ve been the main offer.

um…good night…on a diet of sorts.

It’s toffee crack. Dangerous stuff.

Congratulations to Brandini on making it to the main site from the side deal!
I ordered their toffee before and it’s great.

oh s&$&#&*# man i don’t need this! but I want it! no no no no

i swore off chocolate and sweets for October … so tempting

Yay something that Indiana can order! In for 1 =D

he wasn’t first but he likes toffee!

First sucker: todd999430
Speed to first woot: 11m 40.923s

Last wooter to woot: mill

oh no…tried them on the side deal and was blown away…
going to try and hold off…going to Mexico in November and dont think I need to scarf down a couple pounds of toffee…

Some of us have to keep watch on the merchandise you are not buying… and sadly, that means I have to stay up overnights.

This stuff is AMAZING. Buy it. You will not be sorry. Like others have said, it’s toffee and chocolate crack. Really.

And I am so glad I have some left from my last order!

Brandini Artisan Toffee
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First sucker: todd999430
Speed to first woot: 11m 40.923s

Last wooter to woot: mill

My life is now complete. Not only did I always want to order some of their Toffee, but I am the “First sucker” to do so. I can now check “become First sucker” off of my “things to do before I die” list.

Better luck next time, Mill… if that’s your real name.

Heard such high praise for this stuff but my nieces are all smack dab in their school fundraising mode…if I’m going to be buying toffee (or nuts or cookies or magazines or wrapping paper) sadly it will be small overpriced crap from them.


This is a very dangerous substance.
Only trained professionals should purchase this item.
Otherwise you and your significant other will scarf down the whole tin in an evening.

Very rich. Very Buttery. Very good. Very going, going, gone.

Yea, sorry for the delay. some fixin’ goin on…


How does it differ from regular toffee… ?

hmm, here’s a question…if I buy this- will it last untill christmas? Or at least part of it? Figure I’d eat most of it, but maybe I could save the “Toffee Bits” as a gift…

what kind of ice cream do the toffee bits complement the best?