Brandini Artisan Toffee

Brandini Artisan Toffee
$29.99 + $5 shipping
2 1lb Brandini Toffee Bites
1 1lb Brandini Toffee Toppers



All’s well in the world :wink:

Woohoo! I’ve been waiting for these to make another appearance. In for 1, no question.

…I’d be in for 3, but I don’t trust myself to show any restraint.

The toppers, I believe, are my absolute favourite. They go on damn near everything. Hell, they even somehow make BACON taste better when you dust em up and candy the bacon in em. I wasn’t sure it wouldn’t make the world explode when I did it. I’m glad it didn’t. Mmmmm.

Slam Dunk!!

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Diet? What diet? I swear these are all a gift for my parents… well!?

Seriously love this toffee. It’s been way too long…

In case you didn’t know, you need to buy this stuff every time it shows up on wine.woot.

Insanely delicious toffee, not to mention that the toppers are a perfect way to incorporate it into everything you eat.

If you buy three and plan to give two away as gifts, be forewarned: Give the other 2 away before you start eating your own, because you’ll end up eating all 3 if you do it the other way around.

I am so glad that you two are letting your younger siblings take over the business to help them pay for college. Congratulations on your achieved success and your future successes.

Up late, and in for three! The last time this came, we polished off a 1 lb box the night it arrived.

Brandini Artisan Toffee
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I want it… but so pricey :frowning: I guess I could justify using the 2 boxen as xmas gifts? Keep the small nibbly bits for myself.

Eff it, I pulled the trigger. Sigh. Self control? What’s that? At least I got the shipping for free with a deals.woot coupon code.

Seems like everyone is very excited about this so in for 3 (and 1 or 2 as gift… :stuck_out_tongue: hope they are as good as everyone claimed)

Brandini Artisan Toffee
Current numbers (updated each minute)
First sucker: nmachen
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These are pretty amazing. I wish I could justify spending on toffee right now, because I really enjoyed eating it the last time around.

I’m waiting for toffee king to show up before I make my purchase! Come on big guy…

I promise if you don’t go in for 3, you will regret it. But beware, it is like dieters crack.

My wife asks me every day if wine.woot has “that toffee” today. She’ll be thrilled when I give her the good news in the morning.

It’s awesome to be back!

Brandini Toffee is celebrating our 5th anniversary this week and we are offering this one day woot to say thanks to all the Wine.woot family that has help us make it…even in this economy.

We appreciate you!

Time to go to work in your frig or freezer…find a hidden corner at the bottom, behind the frozen peas, that is big enough stash the goods.

Second, Don’t tell anyone that you have purchased any.

Any good hoarding stories out there?

this is a $53 dollar value (before shipping!) for the woot-tastic price of $30. thats a savings of $23 for those of you too tired at night to do math. you could have had the energy to do the math if you had been eating the sugary goodness that is Brandini Toffee.
buy some!!!

These are ridiculously good. Only drawback to the new resealable bag: you will go through 16 ounces of toffee toppers in no time. With the cute little 8 oz tins you had to at least think about whether/when you were going to break open the seal on the second tin…

i recently jumped on a coupon deal on a local deal-site (i live 15 mins away from the Brandini shop) and ended up with 6lbs and a bag of poppers. the poppers were gone in two days. a 2lb box went with me to a party, the other 4lbs was in mah belly within two weeks. yeah, its that good!!

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Honesty, the wine we’re getting this week doesn’t pair well with sweets (sort of like trying to pair chocolate milk with grapefruit juice to use an under-21 analogy), but there wasn’t any real intent to pair one with the other.

I think I was wrong before when I likened this stuff to crack. It’s more like Meth. I could easily see myself attempting to live solely on Brandini Toffee and ignoring all other less important things like work, nutruition, finances, etc.
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Tytiger you were right on with your earlier post.