Brandini Artisan Toffee

Brandini Artisan Toffee
$29.99 + $5 shipping
2 1lb Brandini Toffee Bites
1 1lb Brandini Toffee Toppers


Previous offer:

For anyone wondering, this is truly the tastiest toffee I’ve ever had!

Gosh Darnit!!! All I want, all I have been waiting for is the darn Brandini popcorn…one for me two for gifts-or two for me one for a gift.

missed this last time and everyone’s awesome comments made it an easy first buy to try this stuff out!

I picked up three of these when they were last offered based on the comment love-fest. The toffee really is amazingly good. In for three more!

Picked up 3 the last time these were offered based entirely on the awesome comments from my fellow Wooters.

I do not regret that decision. This is fantastic toffee. This is how toffee should taste.

Purchased. Loved. Recommend.

Yes, if you’re wondering if it’s worh it. It is. GET IT!

Also, if you’re bummed about not getting those poppers and MUST have them, you can get the Brandini Bundle (1lb. toffee, 1 can bites, 1 bag poppers) from their website ( for 39.95, plus around 12 bucks for shipping. Apply coupon code TG1111 for a 20% discount.

Without the poppers this is clearly the better deal though.

I’m getting this because of all the awesome comments about it. I can’t wait to get them and try it! Thanks wine wooters.

At last, weather cool enough to ship!

And, I assume there is an error in the writeup on the actual order page, b/c the main page says “2 toffee bites & 1 toppers” but the order page reads differently (says 1 of each).

If not… hmm…

Yay!! I was hoping I wouldn’t miss this

Anyone else notice it changes to one box of bites instead of two on the review your order page? This stuff is great, so I sure hope the Woot staff is not skimming off a box of my bites!!

The toffee really is incredible, but the popcorn was really the crack of the bunch last time. I would order if it had the popcorn again.

ALWAYS in for this! Thanks

Concur that this is awesome toffee… Also, as a side note, and perhaps in opposition of numerous health codes, this toffee lasts a long long time in the fridge. I only eat it when I am “splurging” and I have a container in my fridge that is almost a year old (it’s in tins, looks like they changed their packaging?), stuff still tastes awesome.

Bought it last time it was up. Ate the first pound in two days. Best US toffee I have ever had, it rivals a lot of the UK import stuff I’ve had as well. Definitely well worth it - in for three.

This is the best toffee I’ve had in my entire life, and this is my third time ordering it. I LOVE having it on hand during the holidays because at makes one spectacular impromptu gift! The boxes don’t need to be wrapped, they’re gorgeous and classy just the way they come, and I tend to keep the bag just for ice cream topping, cheesecake topping, or milkshakes…in other words, for me!

This is (2) 1 lb boxes of Brandini Bites and (1) 1 lb bag of the Toppers.

Sorry no Poppers in this deal. This will be the last time you will see this one…Poppers deal my following prior to the holidays.

If you are wondering about keeping the products for holiday gifts…YES! Refrigerate or freeze and it is no issue. This order will be delivered by Thanksgiving.

Thanks for having us back.

Oh lord, I resisted this last time with the wedding in a couple weeks and all but… not. sure. if. I. can. again.

It’ll arrive after the honeymoon anyway… right? RIGHT?