Brandini Poppers and Toffee

Brandini Poppers and Toffee
$29.99 + $5 shipping
1 1lb Box Toffee
1 14oz Toffee Poppers
1 1/2lb Tin Toffee Bites


The most delicious toffee in the world, when I eat it I can actually hear myself getting fatter. Maybe woot could offer this with a treadmill next time!

The perfect Christmas gift for those you like too much to just give Hickory Farms to, but not so much that you want to brave crowds to find something.

I’m in.

This looks freakin’ delicious. one comin’ my way.

What is the difference in the toffee vs the toffee bites?

Been wanting to try this for a while! thanks woot!

My Mom loves it, as do I. In for 3

Bought this last month with the toppers instead of the poppers. In for one (just for the poppers), and the rest will be gifted to somebody else’s stomach.

This is the best toffee, bar none, I have ever had. I dare you to save it until the Holidays. I Double-Down Dare Ya!

This is SO worth the money and the calories.

Great stuff. If I wasn’t still eating the ones I bought last month, I’d get more today.

I have bought a LOT of this lately! :happy:

Size. The Toffee is giant chunks of crack, the Bites are smaller pieces that make it easy for you to trick yourself into thinking you’re not having much.

I learned my lesson from last time they offered these…in for 3. I hope i have enough time to create a second woot account before they sell out :slight_smile:

They might as well call it brandini crack, had the toffee and toppers and loved every bite of it, my mother tried one and stole the remainders and said hope you can get more. In fear of getting too fat in for only one.

Love this stuff but the popcorn is out of this world. So glad to see it again.

Should this be decanted or venturied?

This toffee is indeed to die for, but I’m not impressed with the deal this time. Last month they had 2 pounds of toffee bites with a pound of topper (just crushed toffee), so three pounds total, for the same price as a pound and a half today . . . with a bit of popcorn.

awesome. Thank you. I got this the last time, debating to get it again.