Brandini Poppers and Toffee

Brandini Poppers and Toffee
$29.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Artisan
2 13oz bags of Brandini Poppers Toffee Covered Popcorn
1 16oz Box of Brandini Toffee

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Normally I’d be in on this, but I still have a bunch left over from the last offer.

People can resist this? how?

Man, you’ve really made my wallet hurt this week. REALLY!

This is easily the best toffee I’ve ever had. I still have some of the toffee toppers to use up and have been using them sparingly. I really wanted to try their Poppers, so this is most excellent.

Seriously love this toffee. I couldn’t keep my parents and sister away from it when I brought it home for Christmas. Good thing I had an extra box back at my house, since they ate it all!

Not to mention the awesome story behind Brandini…

sigh There goes my plan to not spend money this Woot-off.

This toffee is absolutely divine. It also disappears really fast from one’s kitchen.

I want to throw up every time I take a bite. But that’s a good thing.

The toffee is amazing! What’s the shelf/pantry life on the popcorn?

how do they get the toffee on the popcorn anyway

Your plan is fine. It’s technically no longer a woot-off!

It definitely doesn’t fit into my P90X food plan.

[Pouts] these are not the “Poppers” I was hoping for.

Heyyy oh…

Also, who the heck is fwWNZOLc7aEKE8 and how the heck did they come up with that username? That’s like the 5th time today I’ve seen them be first sucker…

PS: Appears there’s 2000 of these!

Brandini Toffee was the best thing I gave out this past Christmas. It got rave reviews (including from me, since I had to test it first, of course), and is now on my permanent list of worthwhile gifts.

I also swear that it is low calorie, and chock full of vitamins.


Okay, then I swear that eating this will make you happy.

I heard if you drink a Diet Soda while eating this it cancels out the calories…

Crud. I love Brandini. The moths in my wallet are telling me they’d like some, too. sigh Next time, Murphy. Next time…

I tranferred my Brandini urge to someone else. I checked the gift box when I submitted my order and had it sent to someone in a different state. Ha. My health is saved, but at the expense of someone elses.

How do you have any left over? I hid it from my family and I still only got one piece before they finished it off. Makes me think I need a new hiding place.

Hey!!! Where have you been?