Brandini Poppers and Toffee

Here’s where Brandini Toffee was featured as one of Martha Stewart’s Best Desserts of 2008. Their recipe is here, courtesy of Leah Post and Brandon Weimer of Brandini Toffee:

Four great ingredients, two great minds, and a lot of hard work. Chalk one up for America’s youth and free enterprise.

I’d just like to point out that “Brandini Mountain” was a TERRIBLE reference if you want to sell food!

Bandini (no R, no relation I’m sure) is a manufacturer of fertilizer; in the 70s they had a very silly TV commercial of a man attempting to ski down a gigantic pile of manure. In a deep voice-of-God tone, the announcer said “Bandini Mountain… Man dares to go where only cows have gone before!” Naturally, skis don’t slide in dookie as well as they do in snow, so the skier did a faceplant, and the announcer came out with the brand’s tagline: “Bandini is the word… for fertilizer!”

None of which has ANYTHING to do with toffee, except they’re both brown. So why would you use that reference?

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Hmmm, I thought it was a typo when TofeeKing referenced their “Poopers” upthread - now I’m not so sure.

In for one anyway.

I reference Toffeeking’s earlier post:

“The process for making these Poopers is 3X more labor intensive…”

Coincidence?.. I think not…

Is this Brandon? If so, aren’t you still a bit young for Glenlivet?

LOL. Sorry! Poppers!!!

I was wondering, because this isn’t actually an alcoholic beverage, can someone under 21 order it, and do they still have to be there to receive it if I send it as a gift?

Yes, under 21 can order it, they don’t have to be there to receive it… no signature necessary.

Are you going to package it with some Glenlivet?! :]

Excellent! Dad’s scale is gonna hate me for this, but hey, it’s his birthday.

Tempting…but in this economy I can’t spend $35 on some toffee. In addition, my wife would kill me anyway.

I highly doubt that they’re vegan, but I’m assuming they’re vegetarian, right lol?

Not to mention that $35 could buy you 1-3 great bottle(s) of vino!

Try sprinkling them on brownies, cookies and cheesecakes (as well as whatever other goodies you fancy) right when you pull them from the oven before they can cool. Very yummy. I also personally like to make a Brandini Toppers layer cake with the toppers everywhere the icing is. Yummy.

I know that’s not full-on “baking with” but it’s tasty!

Not Brandon, he is going to college, but said he would chime in at some point.

As far as the reference to Glenlivet, I think your probably right…but he is in a fraternity. I’m sure it’s an alcohol-free house though. Haha

Those sound like awesome ideas, thank you!

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PS I edited my original post.