Brandini Poppers and Toffee

Brandini Poppers and Toffee
$29.99 + $5 shipping
2 13oz bags of Brandini Poppers Toffee Covered Popcorn
1 16oz Box of Brandini Toffee

Oh god, no!

(…and I mean that in the BEST possible way)

Nothing for CellarTracker since this stuff doesn’t hang around long enough to age.


poppers? I stopped doing that back in the 80’s.


Crack Toffee!!! :happy:

Mmmm…toffee…must resist…

I miss the all toffee packages.

I got this last time it was offered- absolutely wonderful.
In for one… though was tempted to get 2!

Ordered for me and a woot for a birthday gift.

Thanks ToffeeKing.

And I think the dog is smacking his lips already, just knowing that we will have more Brandini.

I predict 750 of these to be sold.

This stuff is amazingly addictive. It might be laced with something, it’s so addictive. Order some.

I do, too. I love all the chunks and sprinkles versions of the toffee. But I’m still ordering. The popcorn is good. No argument. I’d just rather be getting the 3 styles of toffee, rather than popcorn and 1 style.

BEST flippin’ toffee ever! Loaded up last Christmas and popped them in the freezer. Still got a box and 2 tins of bites left tho’. I’ve been rationing myself. Popcorn don’t freeze so hot so I’m gonna pass this time but dang it’s YUMMY stuff!!!

Resistance is futile!!!

no, no, no, no. not right now, trying to diet!!! Can not resist, must click the ridiculously large gold button. . .

Seriously this stuff is super good. The popcorn is sweet a little salty and highly addictive.

I’d buy some if there wasn’t a box already in my fridge. It does make great gifts!

OMG. Oh geez. Oh no. I love this stuff. I can’t. I really can’t.

How many Weight Watchers points do you think this is?


In for two heaven help me! You would think it was “Gift Week.” I guess a woot! off is a speed gift week? First the Vinturi, then the Grappler, on to the InZinerator and now toffee. I’m going to be sneaking packages into the house for weeks at this rate! Yay!

I resisted. My coworker did not & gleefully said, “I’m giving you one of the popcorns!” I don’t know whether to be thankful or angry!

I wouldn’t even hazard a guess at WW points for this. Our at-work leader annually tortures us with a point value list for all the top goodies offered at the Minnesota State Fair!