Brandini Poppers and Toffee

Brandini Poppers and Toffee
$29.99 + $5 shipping
1 1lb Box Toffee
1 14oz Toffee Poppers
1 1/2lb Tin Toffee Bites

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Too many!

Ooooh! We get the Bites again instead of just 2 bags of the Poppers. I may have to go in this time (and probably for 3 sets), especially since it’ll give me a gift to give to my aunt.

This is so hard to resist… this toffee is amazing!
My favorite is the popcorn.

Hello Brandini Toffee…you made me black! :wink:

Com’n out of the woodwork for this deal, pretty sure I’ve bought it before :wink: Gifts galore!

YES!!! I’ve been waiting and waiting for Brandini Toffee to come back!!!

i forget which offer it was last week but they popped in and wished us all a happy thanksgiving on the forum here. great people.

Ordered this the last time it was on Woot and it is absolutely delicious. Perfect for the holiday sugar overload. :slight_smile:

Oops - posted twice. :frowning:

Yay! I’ve been hoarding my first Brandini, dialing out to make it last. Glad to see it back!

Another great gift item!

Closer…but it still has popcorn in it. I like the toffee bits for frozen cookie dough!

This toffee is fantastic. We’ve been slowly rationing the last of our box from the previous order. The previous offering came with two popcorn bags and 1 box of toffee.

Honestly, the popcorn is not very special. It’s perfectly decent candied corn, but no different than what can be found just about anywhere.

But the toffee pieces…oh, heavenly! SO EXCITED to see that this offering comes with the bites, as well. Holiday gift giving just became easier. In for two!

Did my best to hold off…made it about 90 seconds…but that probably is a personal best for me in resisting Brandini toffee.

I’ve gotten Brandini twice on woot and there’s only one problem… This stuff is too good. For that reason I’m NOT buying it. Anybody with enough willpower to not eat the entire bag in one sitting should definitely go in though!

Well, this is a must-buy for me. And now that this one is 2-1 toffee, I’m finally in!

Awesome This stuff is the best I ever had!!! Almost better than sex.

Drat. I clicked on the “I want one” button (because I do!), but then I was required to pay for it.

Uh oh… crack toffee. :happy: