Brandini Poppers and Toffee

Brandini Poppers and Toffee
$36.99 $48.85 24% off List Price

Had the popcorn and toffee bittes for the first time at the last so-cal gathering, and am in for 1. Never thought I would be ordering sweets off of here, but man, was it delicious!

Oh, my! Soooooo very good! And they freeze well if you are trying to spread the calories out over several weeks. Of course, just gobbling them all down in one sitting is good, too!

Thanks, ToffeeKing and WD! :slight_smile:

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These are sofa king good. If I wasn’t trying to avoid buying new pants, I would be in for three.

Wow! I’m the first sucker! I love, love, love this stuff. In for 2.

7 bucks more than last year

It’s good but not nearly THAT good. Works out to over $1 per OUNCE (> $16 a Lb.) for what is primarily sugar and popcorn.

Well, good for a Christmas gift for my mom, so I’m in for one.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I would appreciate a Brandini offer that didn’t include the poppers.

I completely agree. I love candy, but Popcorn in my house never gets eaten.

Just ordered 6 bags of poppers last week they had a 20% off Thanksgiving sale

went to their shop outside Palm Springs last month, nice operation

Getting close to the SEA SAL CARAMELS~yuuuuuum

This. But like any good ‘crack’ dealer, they’ll get you hooked then jack the price up on ya. Therefore, I’m out! (and looking for some outpatient rehab–nothing some salted caramels wouldn’t cure.)

The packages were sent out yesterday 11/27…Should be receiving them by Friday on the west coast and Monday on the east.

Thanks for the update!