Brandini Toffee Gift Bundle (5)


This stuff is GREAT, but what we really love is the popcorn.

pricey, but very yummie

eta almost pulled the trigger
BUT realized the “toppers” are not the popcorn!

i really like the popcorn

Best Brandini offer EVER.

What a perfect deal, and timing. My wife wanted some Brandini for two neighbors that we get together with on Christmas Eve. They will get a tin of bites and bag of toppers each. And the toffee stays with us.

This toffee is worth EVERY Penny The question is not IF to buy it, but how much, 2 or 3? If you bought all this stuff separatly, it would cost close $58 and the shipping would be more than $5



During the last offer we asked them to cut out the poppers and load up on the toffee. Despite my desperate need to stop buying, you can’t help but love these guys for listening. In for one, my first Brandini purchase.

EDIT: I didn’t notice the FREE SHIPPING until I went to buy it. PERFECT!

Hopefully Mike doesn’t miss this…

Dear Woot and Brandini. I love your toffee, as I purchased it several years ago. But ever since, the deal has included toppers. I find these useless. And 2 lbs of toppers is an insane amount. Who eats that much ice cream? If you had the same deal with just the toffee and the bites, but a mere 25% discount instead of 40%, then I would probably have pulled the trigger and probably gotten some as gifts. I can’t be alone here!

You know you don’t have to eat the toppers with ice cream right? I mean I understand if you are wanting these for a gift, but if they are personal enjoyment, get off your high-horse and grab a spoon. Live a little!

This stuff is like crack…seriously, to die for…buy lots…LOL

Uses for Toppers? I’m thinking of making a big batch of rum balls and rolling them in that instead of just chopped nuts…

I got one! I got one! Yay!

I have been checking the woot off sporadically and nothing looked good until I saw this deal.

Yeah, but it’s still not like eating actual toffee. Just not into the toppers.

Any chance we will get these before Christmas?

Try pouring them in a bowl and eating with a spoon. OMG - deadly good. I want so much to buy this, but am afraid I will eat it all and end up 30# heavier by New Years Eve. These are incredibly good. They can be frozen and stay fresh a long time, and I love the texture of the toffee while it is still frozen (so that won’t slow me down). Can I stop myself? Still trying…

I’m with you. I don’t think I have enough self-control to have these in the same house with me.

Just received 6 more packs of the Popcorn, Now have 10, 4 are for Christmas gifts, & 6 for me !
BTW mention wine woot (phone in order) and get 20% off

Damn you woot… This offer does nothing for my diet…

This is probably the most perfect combination you could offer. Time to make some more room in the freezer…

IMHO, I much prefer the toppers to the poppers. The popcorn is good, but this stuff is truly special.