Brandini Toffee Gift Bundle (5)

I second this question… and am starting to come around on the toppers… maybe I should give them a chance (or gift them!).

Last time I wooted this, I made toffee pecan cookies with the toppers. Divine. Can I really use two pounds of it though? Will it be here in time for Christmas baking? So want to click the button…

WHY ON EARTH DID YOU DO THAT? :slight_smile:

Help! Help! Trying to order and keep getting a woot! server error.

OK, looks like it got fixed. Order placed. Whew!

No brainer purchase. I agree that this might be the best Brandini offer ever. One question-- said free shipping when I purchased. Did I miss something? This is the first thing I have purchased today.

I knew you would jump on this one.

when I ordered by phone, they shipped the following Tuesday

Because we wanted the toppers!!!

Thanks! I’ll call in an order right now.

i was at their store a couple of weeks ago and this is a good deal. except that they give the toppers for free with orders over a certain amount.

I do love the toppers though. I wouldn’t go as far as to mainline on them with a spoon in a bowl but they are good on ice cream and as a topping on a cheese cake.

I almost missed it, I hadn’t opened the computer up yet this morning, but something made me take a look, and WHAM, my Brandini girls :wink:

Only two things I didn’t want to miss during this WO, this was one of them… And I doubt the other is going to be offered…

My holiday shopping is now done! We love this stuff, but we REALLY love the poppers too. So for those of us who love the poppers how about a listing with 2-3 bags of them.

You’re missing out. It’s like cheap crack… And there’s no need for the lighter and pipe, just the spoon and the bag…

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but why was the shipping free? This was the first item I’ve purchased today.

Oh darn! I just purchased and thought I was getting the Poppers! Brandini is there a way of substituting? I was getting these for my son and he loves the Poppers not the Toppers. Because the Poppers are usually included I assumed that was what I was buying. Lesson, read the small print!

Oh boo, I had just purchased something from Kids.woot before buying the Brandini. If I had known this one was giving free shipping automatically, I would have bought here first and then not had to pay the shipping over on the Kids.woot item. :frowning: :tongue:

I was one of the people who asked for a non-popcorn offer, and just signed in to Woot to discover it here waiting for me. And soon it will be waiting by my door, and then quickly devoured. Thanks!

Whereas the reason I pounced on this offer was precisely because of the toppers, which weren’t offered last time, and which I prefer to the popcorn. As to the question of who could eat that much ice cream, clearly you’ve never used the milkshake recipe on the back of the bag. Perfection.

Unfortunately, buying this deal does not unlock free shipping for the whole site, so you’re no worse off.