Brandini Toffee, Poppers and Toppers (4)

Brandini Toffee, Poppers and Toppers 4-Pack
$39.99 $63.80 37% off List Price
Brandini Toffee, 1 lb.
Cashew Almond Poppers, 14 oz.
Brandini Toppers, 1 lb.
Chocolate Almond Poppers, 14 oz.

Hey, I’ll probably be by their store next week. Glad to see them on woot still. I’ve loved everything I’ve had from them.

Quick question, what’s the shelf life on the toffee? We keep it in the fridge and I am curious how long it’s meant to hold.

Yay! Crack Toffee!

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!



IIRC, there was a time limit in the refrigerator, and I think it was about a month. In the freezer I believe it was 6 months.

Edit: They used to say 3 weeks in fridge and six months in freezer, but they bumped up the fridge time, per the info page here.

“Refrigerate for 6 weeks or freeze for 6 months with no diminished flavor.”

Are you serious? This stuff never lasts long enough to worry about shelf life.

Actually, I have kept some in the freezer in a valiant attempt to make it last longer. I think I managed to ignore a sealed package for a couple of months with no loss in quality.

Oh my… Totally been waiting for this. Diabetes be damned :wink:

Happy Thanksgiving to all our wine.woot family! It’s been too long since we have been together… So lets catch up!
The toffee and popcorn can be refrigerated or frozen for a year without any problem. Those of you who have been follow our products are probably saying, “Hey, what happened to the 3 month that you stated before”, we had all our products scientifically tested in a real laboratory for a year.

This will be your only chance to buy Brandini on WW for the remainder of the year. Stock up now!

Believe me, I stocked up. I’ve been waiting for this forever (this, and Lock n’ Lock). Had my brother buy some so I could double up for gift giving (and keep enough for myself). Darned Woot limits. :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving buddy! (In for 2 sets) :slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving my old friend! Thanks for being a fan.

Oh Ya the Gold Standered for Toffee Love this place & the “Kids” , hit it up every time I go to Palm Springs. (Their in Palm Dessert)

I know your a fan Marc , stock up

Just had a great turkey dinner and it’s time for some Brandini shakes made with the toppers…Then a nap

I couldn’t pass this stuff up :slight_smile: It takes Brandini to get me to come out from underneath my new found health kick rock. lol

Hope you’re doing well :slight_smile:

Looks like Fred’s been celebrating Thanksgiving with some other wine.woot products. His posts are usually much more articulate.

But his mind is still on dessert. We had some swell ones tonight. Maybe I’ll start a thread – “What Desserts Did You Have on Thanksgiving?” So far, we’ve got a toffee shake…

In Vegas for my yearly Thanksgiving in Sin City