Brandini Toffee

Brandini Toffee, Poppers and Toppers 4-Pack
$39.99 $̶6̶3̶.̶8̶0̶ 37% off List Price
Brandini Toffee, 1 lb.
Cashew Almond Poppers, 14 oz.
Brandini Toppers, 1 lb.
Chocolate Almond Poppers, 14 oz.

Brandini Toffee Gift Bundle 5-Pack
$39.99 $̶5̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ 20% off List Price
Brandini Toffee, 1 lb.
Brandini Toppers, 1 lb. 2-Pack
Brandini Bites 1/2 lb Tins 2-Pack

Brandini Poppers, Toffee, and Bites 3-Pack
$36.99 $̶4̶8̶.̶8̶5̶ 24% off List Price
Chocolate Almond Poppers, 14 oz.
Brandini Toffee, 1 lb.
Brandini Bites 1/2 lb Tin

Brandini Toffee & Toppers 2-Pack
$34.99 $̶4̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 27% off List Price
Brandini Toffee, 2 lb.
Brandini Toppers, 1 lb.

So delicious. Love this toffee.

AHHHHHH! danger, will robinson!

i certainly don’t NEED any of this delicious toffee, but i sure do WANT some. willpower…fading

You know what’s even better? Wine-filled chocolates…

I was REALLY hoping that there was a combo with just the Toffee and the Bites, no poppers, no toppers. Why can’t we make this happen ToffeeKing?

With you 100%. Maybe we need to find some people who just want the toppers and poppers, and split an order (or two or three) with them.

Anyone? I’m in South Dakota but get to the Twin Cities a lot - just let me know!

Soon…Will discuss for a future offering, maybe in November.

Good to be back! Here to help push you off the fence!

North, call the shop in Palm Desert, tell them your a wine wooter and they give you 20% off your order (at least they did last year) , then pick what you want. If you go there they give a free toffee shake to wine wooters, excellent.

All fine and good for you Californians, but that’s 1600 miles for me!

Awesome, or my previous mention of just a 5 gallon bucket of the bites. That would work as well.

I disagree with North. The toppers are my favorite.

Yes, because it takes such mighty force. :slight_smile:

Welcome back!

Sounds like a good reason for a road trip:)

Brandon “Brandini” is back from college and has been doing some perfecting of the two Poppers varieties. They are much improved…more toffee and nuts in each batch.

Those are my fav’s Must call the shop and place an order.
BTW Your employees are the best, I hit the place up every time I go to Palm Springs. Shouldn’t the “kids” be back at college now?

Yes, they both graduated…We have just completed a major remodel of the shop in Rancho Mirage. Please take a look at our Facebook page on the site.

Rancho Mirage, not Palm Desert, my bad, I’ll check out the remodel in Dec.

You know what a really great use of the toppers is, aside from the amazing milkshakes? Make vanilla pudding, mix in some toppers, and freeze it in a popsicle mold. Super yum.

I’m having trouble deciding which package to get, but I’m definitely getting one of them. This, and the Beehive Cheese offerings, are my favorite Wine Woot Plus offerings.