Brandish Overt Choleric 7626899

Brandish Overt Choleric 7626899

right to the VOP

Do you guys throw darts at a dictionary when you name these?

same :unamused:

Edit: VOP, then yanked.

come on man

Finally got a other one of these. After a rough day this makes up for it!

Keep trying everyone. I just got right through. It said add to cart, so I did!

Are all BOC the same for a given woot off or are each one different.


vop, then yanked


Clicked buy with 99% remaining! Sitting in VOP and then guess what- logged out. Fking joke! Guess it’s not meant to be

Look at where the bags of crap are listed under forums for what some are.

Woot! Finally got another bag. It had been a while. I’ve switched to the app to try and get them now. It just seems to refresh a second or two faster than the forums. Good luck all!

Ah, the old “please sign in” even though i’d signed in before. Then to the VoP. Aaargh.

Third time today yanked from the cart.

this was in a Chrome browser - just posted in the chat, but oddly when it’s time to buy something you get logged out.

Finally!! My dry spell is over. Pey Pey can’t wait to open his crap! :blush: :dog2:

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Yanked a third time.

Also, didnt get a BoC.

Starting to think the year I won was a fluke.

Some people log out and back in when they feel a BOC coming.